Pawn Stars: Netflix Streaming Surprises

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Anyone who knows me personally knows that I generally attempt to avoid reality TV shows like the plague. I find them to be unethical on several levels most of the time, and I just don't like the way in which humanity is generally portrayed. I mean, most reality TV shows exist solely to be able to make fun of whatever people are on that specific TV show.

All that being said, I tried watching Pawn Stars when I saw it on the History Channel the other day, and I was fascinated at how quickly I got into it. I then went on Netflix (I remember seeing it arrive) and had to sit down to watch a ton more episodes.

Yes, the show has a lot of "stupidity" aspects that all reality television shows have, which give the show "character" (but really just show a caricature of the individual involved) but this show specifically has something extra that I generally don't find in reality shows.

What's so fun to me is to see all sorts of antiques and collectables come in, most of which are up to hundreds of years old, and see (after some haggling) the "Pawn Stars" purchase the items and commence restoration. There's just something that's absolutely appealing to witness an extreme transformation between a rusted out old $100 gas tank (or some other random object) into a full-fledged $3,000 item. Granted, you never get to really see them sell the objects at hand, but it's still super fun to see how different the items can look.

It's one of the best streaming TV shows available on Netflix streaming, so if you're a super big fan of reality television, you're not going to do much better than the History Channel's "Pawn Stars." As I said, I don't even like reality TV, but I had to keep watching!

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