vs. BitTorrent Bandwidth Usage

Well, it appears Netflix has finally done it. It has (in at least this one way) officially beaten the likes of BitTorrent at least in terms of bandwidth used.

That's right, according to Sandvine (experts on this kind of stuff):
Netflix now represents 29.7% of North American Peak Downstream Traffic
This is shocking as it is, that the amount of bandwidth that Netflix takes up could possibly be THIRTY PERCENT of all bandwidth in North America, but what else is greatly astonishing is the fact that, yes, Netflix has surpassed BitTorrent in this arena. From
Netflix accounts for 22.2% of all U.S. broadband traffic compared to BitTorrent’s 21.6% share. And at peak times, Netflix hits 30% of all traffic, a bounce of 44% over results from the fall.
Here's a picture to demonstrate the different types of web-related activities and the way they stack up against each other in terms of bandwidth:

(Click to view enlarged image)

Pretty crazy, huh.

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