Netflix Stock Challenges. Android? Google? Amazon?

Every so often when I'm scanning the web for information on Netflix, I come across some sort of "news" on information regarding Netflix stock. What's funny to me, is that no matter how many of these articles I come across, they always seem to feign the same disinterest in investing in it, stating things like this (from Seeking Alpha):
Netflix (NFLX) has had one of the best runs of any stocks in the market over the last two years. It has increased 800% in price over the previous 24 months as it has rapidly added subscribers and dispatched its main competitor, Blockbuster (BLOAQ.PK). However, the market is changing rapidly with new competitors emerging seemingly by the day. It also is starting to face some significant operational challenges. Given these headwinds, which I will outline below, I think Netflix’s rapid growth and stock price could be negatively impacted in the near future.
I purposefully bolded the 800% figure because of how baller it is. Seriously.

This is all amusing to me, because, no matter how many times I see articles like this, which discuss, among others, Google and Amazon's attempts to infiltrate the market, that Netflix just keeps on truckin'.

This is what, in my experience, is the whole recurring Netflix stock saga, in comic form!

(If it's not obvious yet, I have no real knowledge or understanding of stock prices. Just tryin' to get a laugh, bro. No need to come at me.)


Miss Jessie said...

Haha. One word: Awesome

Mark J. Guillen said...

This is just the sort of info I was looking for! Thanks :)
NFLX stock quote

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