Netflix DVD Shipments Down (First Time!)

In what is certainly a win for us streaming fans, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has made the comment that, within the next quarter, Netflix DVD shipments are expected to go down for the first time ever.

Obviously the entire Netflix business plan has shifted from mainly sending out DVDs of films and now transferring to streamlining their online streaming collection.

Within this link to Tech Crunch, you can check out an interview with the Netflix CEO, where he talks about how...
Netflix is leading the charge when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows over the Internet. It’s no longer focussed on DVDs, even though it is about to ship its 3 billionth disc. As bandwidth to the home increases, streaming will just continue to become more popular. At the Wired business conference earlier this week, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings predicted that gigabit-per-second speeds to the home will become common over the next decade.
It will be very interesting to see how things continue to evolve in the world of Internet and streaming. Can you imagine gigabit-per-second Internet?

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Anonymous said...

I'd be excited about this prospect if it wasn't for the fact that the selection of streaming titles is still so poor that one needs DVDs for many films, and that specific episodes of tv series can be ommitted from the streaming list. The jerkey playback/forward/reverse process of streaming isn't there yet either.. not as smooth as a TIVO.

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