Battle: Los Angeles Streaming? Not so fast.

This is not what you think it is.
I know a lot of people have seemingly been excited about the fact that a certain movie, entitled "Battle of Los Angeles" is fast approaching availability on Netflix. I'm here to tell you to not get your hopes up!

This movie is one of the many "ripoff" movies that Netflix has available for streaming within the Instant Service, of which, once played, one quickly realizes their mistake and shuts it off.

The real version of the movie, the one you're excited to watch (or maybe you aren't, to be fair, the movie got absolutely horrible reviews compared to what was expected) is actually still available in most theaters. The title of that film is "Battle: Los Angeles." You'll notice that there is no "of" found within the title. So that's pretty much how they were able to get away with naming the movie something so remarkably similar.

The stupid thing is that most people don't even know that there's no "of" in the actual title of the movie! So basically this just a way that a film company is able to make some quick bucks off of people who are just slightly ignorant enough to catch a small word within the title.

Either way, now that I've thought and discussed this so much, I kind of want to turn it on on my computer and skip around a little bit throughout the movie just to see how horrible it could be.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. I admit I didnt catch the "of" either; was excited to see this on streaming but now am sure I will give it a pass.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not people actually like watching these mockbusters. They're all done by the same company and they have a lot of fans. Regardless, they're both 1 star movies.

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