BASEketball: Netflix Streaming Hidden Gem Surprises

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Not everyone in the world is necessarily a Trey Parker and Matt Stone fan (the dudes who bring us South Park), but if you're not, something's likely very wrong with your sense of humor. BASEketball just so happens to be from the minds of Trey and Matt, and it's just as zany as anything else they've ever put out.

The two play the two main characters within the movie, wherein they create a new sport which is, obviously, a combination between baseball and basketball. The movie follows the development from a neighborhood driveway activity to a full-fledged professional sport.

Make no mistake, this film isn't meant to be taken seriously on any level. It's very slapstick in nature and meant to be watched in a relaxed manner. If you read into the movie, you're simply not going to enjoy it very much.

But, if you're looking for something to have fun with your buddies and watch, this is great. It's kind of raunchy at times, at that only makes the experience all the better!

edit: It has been brought to my attention that the two only starred in the movie, and did not write or direct it.


Jeremy said...

Best. Movie. Ever.

Christopher said...

The last time I saw this movie I was still a pothead and really stoned at the time ... and it was awesome. Kind of curious to see how well it would hold up now that I'm all grown up and stuff.

Miss Jessie said...

GREAT movie...does not matter if you are sober...still amazing.

Anonymous said...

Actually they did a pretty lengthy re-write of the script. Writers Guild rules just didn't allow them to get the credit.

scubajoe said...

I was going to say the same thing I remember the press at the time, actually saw this in the theater. Just watching this you realize they either re-wrote/ad-libbed most of it or the original writes watched south park 24/7 for a month or so. To use the words of Simon Cowell "they made it their own". This movie is 100% Trey and Matt's humor.

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