The American President: Netflix Surprises

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I think that, by now, it's pretty much an undisputed fact that Aaron Sorkin is not only one of the best writers and storytellers in the entertainment industry, but also a genius.

He's put out so many shows involving characters and plots that he's developed in his head, and I have to say that I've more than enjoyed everything he's done, from his most recent Academy Award winning endeavors like "The Social Network," to "The West Wing," and everything else he's done.

The point of the matter is, except for The Social Network, I didn't really know he'd done any other screenwriting work. I was pleasantly surprised recently to discover that, yes he had, and, one of those movies involved the White House and was available on Netflix streaming!

The American President is that film, and I recently streamed it for the first time on Netflix. As I absolutely loved The West Wing, I could see all the different characters and phrases from the show that seemed to pop out in these new characters at times. I could really "feel" the fact that this was an Aaron Sorkin movie, and it kind of felt like a more compacted version of a good West Wing episode.

The movie follows the American President, played by Michael Douglas, as he combats the media and the opposing political party over the fact that he is suiting a woman while holding the office of the President. It's fun to see how he's able to refute and conjure all sorts of funny lines in reaction to the media's frenzy over the issue and, again, you can just tell that it's Aaron Sorkin's writing.

If you're a fan of Sorkin, or anything he's been a part of, it's definitely worth watching. If not, you'll probably still enjoy it - just know that it's much more of a "romantic comedy" than it is any sort of dramatic film.


Anonymous said...

This is a very good movie; however, the streaming version is only full-screen, thus making it necessary to order the DVD for shipment.

InstaFlicka Podcast said...

I love this movie. This movie makes me happy to be an American. Go Aaron Sorkin!

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