When's Star Trek Coming to Netflix?

This seems to be a recurring question, as the different series of Star Trek are obviously not available yet.

According to TrekMovie.com, here are the following Netflix streaming release dates:

July 1st
The original Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Enterprise.

October 1st
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Apparently, only the original series and Enterprise will be available in HD, which is too bad, because I'm specifically looking forward to watching The Next Generation. It's a little weird that Deep Space Nine is being released to streaming a little later than the rest, but whatever. It should take a lot of time to watch the rest of the stuff anyway.


Cassidy said...

TOS and Enterprise are the only two in HD because TOS was shot and edited with film stock that is compatible with conversion to modern digital HD resolutions. Unfortunately, all the other series prior to Enterprise were all edited in SD video, and the original film stock was not saved(which was, generally speaking, an indsutry practice) , so there's nothing but SD video to use as a source.

Looking around, DS9 seems to not be available anywhere but iTunes, so I wouldn't be surprised if they had an exclusive contract on it, probably expiring right around the time Netflix will be picking it up.

Taylor said...

Cool Cassidy, thanks for the comment. The exclusivity contract would make sense.

I just wish TNG was filmed in HD! If it was an industry practice, why did they not save the film stock for that series?

Gregory said...

I think he meant it was standard industry practice to discard the film once they had the final SD master edited.

It is a real shame, but even if they had the film elements it would mean needed to go back and re-edit everything from scratch, and all the effects were done at SD resolution so those would still be SD or need to be recreated, all of this probably would have been far too expensive, even for a program as popular as TNG.

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