Thank you Twitterers Tuesday #3

I would like to personally thank the following people for doing their part (even though they didn't have to) in spreading the word regarding this website. They did so by, sometime during the past week, retweeting a tweet that we had sent out from our Twitter account.

As you probably are aware, it's very difficult to get the word out on sites like this, especially with ever-increasing competition from the "big guys" -aka the big-named tech blogs that are able to post anything about Netflix and easily get high page-ranked by Google.

But anyway, thanks a bunch, for as our Twitter following grows, I can only assume that we can achieve a greater and greater community, of which will eventually flourish in the forum! (By the way, we're still waiting to hear from you in there!)

Thanks again, now go spread the word! Tell a friend about this site, and comment to tell me anything you'd like to see improved on the blog!

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