Netflix Streaming Forum

Well, I've done something I've thought of doing for awhile: I made a forum.

I've been slowly but surely trying to make this website a community where we, as Netflix fans, can come together and speak and learn from one another all the great movies Netflix has to offer through its streaming service.

I feel like a forum is the next step in this path, and so I've created a place where we can all commune to speak and give ideas to one another.

I've started the forum with two main categories: General Discussion and Hidden Gem Suggestions.

General Discussion is self-explanatory, and "Hidden Gem Suggestions" is a place where I hope to read discussion over movies that you think should be blogged about and suggested as a surprise.

I hope very much that you take the time to add to the conversation! Register and confirm via email to quickly start being a part of the community!

Step 1. Go to forum page
Step 2. Register
Step 3. Confirm via email
Step 4. Start posting!


Taylor said...

I wonder how long it will take for the trolls to arrive.

I'm looking at you, O'doyle.

Wrecks said...

Let's hope that this forum doesn't turn into a bitch-fest.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would agree with this option.

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