Greatest Movies Streaming on Netflix Instant (The Top 5)

Edit: This was an April Fools joke.

I've decided to cut to the chase with this Netflix blog. I've made a lot of different types of Top 10 lists, where I name favorites of mine in several different types of categories. I've even made some Top 10 lists where I name the "best" movies available on Netflix streaming. But this has all been a matter of opinion up to this point.

I've decided to name what are, undoubtedly, the only movies worth watching on Netflix Instant. It's a weird thing, too, because after I post them, there's going to be little reason to ever read a Netflix blog like this again. I mean, why would you need to? It's like knowing The Grand Unified Theory at that point, or something.

Anyway, here's the good content of the last Netflix blog post you ever really need to read. All of these movies are available in streaming on Netflix Instant in full HD. Hover your mouse over the number on the list to easily add it to your queue or immediately stream it:

How could I start this list without at least mentioning this movie? It's a classic in its own right, but just barely makes this list. Why? Mainly because of its cult following. I mean, if you really get down to the gist of it, it's really not THAT great of a movie. It's really gotten to the point where people need to sit down and watch this thing again to get a good notion of what it's really like. Nonetheless, it still has some merit to its popularity, and that's why it narrowly makes this list.

Ah, this one. We all remember where we were when this movie first arrived on the scene in Hollywood. It kind of came as a surprise, but really when you think of it, why did it? The production values are there, and we all know the acting is superb, so there's no reason why it should always be taken into consideration as one of the finest achievements in modern cinema.

For one, I know a lot of people might give me some grief for putting this ahead of #4, and I have to say I really don't care. I know I said I was going to sway away from opinion on this list, so I truly have to say that those who disagree with me are just flat out wrong. I mean, if you look at the reviews alone and compare the two, this one is simply the better reviewed flick. And, of course, it received many more awards.

Being one of the funnier movies on this list, this movie proves that even though a plot is driven by humor, it can still make the case of being a moving and touching picture. It made waves in Hollywood and made waves in our hearts, as it's almost difficult to care how the story unfolds. When you really focus in on the plot, you realize that although all the "jokes" (if you really want to call them that), while amusing and funny, not only drive the emotional plot line, but shine through as being some of the most grand and loud forms of satire in modern cinema. The thought behind it all is simply astounding.

And, of course, to likely no one's surprises, this film finds its way yet again to the top of another "best films" type of list. Seeing as it's available on streaming, it obviously tops this list.

You'd have to be oblivious to art to not recognize this film for the magnificence it truly is. It's provocative, touching, remarkable, and simply amazing. Aside from sweeping every award it was ever nominated for, it's also hardly received a bad review (at least I haven't seen one publicized). The acting is phenomenal, and the story structure breaks ground as being the first of its kind. It's hard to truly describe the "experience" of watching this film without ruining a part of it. It really is the kind of film that you need to sit down, watch in full, and find someone else to watch it as well. It's really that good, but of course, you already know that. Everyone knows that. It's the most amazing thing ever.

April Fools.


Christopher said...

Ha, that was pretty funny. Have you ever actually tried watching one of those? I always seem them in the new instant movies RSS feed but never tried clicking one.

Also, did you see the new batch of awesomeness that just released? I almost wet myself...

Jeremy said...

genius. pure genius.

InstaFlicka Podcast said...

You slick BAMF!

Anonymous said...

Links are broken. Use actual names next time so I can at least look them up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who had the bright idea with the shitty links... garbage

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