Glee and Sons of Anarchy on Netflix Instant

Starting tomorrow, unless it's some sort of cruel April Fools joke to fans of either of these shows, episodes of both Glee and Sons of Anarchy will begin streaming on Netflix Instant.

According to the official Netflix blog:
Gleeks (and fans of other great TV programs in the U.S.), this is for you: the entire first season of “Glee” --with every song and dance and all the drama from the halls of McKinley High -- will be available starting tomorrow to watch instantly streaming from Netflix. Glee’s availability is part of an announcement we made today with Twentieth Century Fox, which gives Netflix members in the U.S. access to the first season of the pop culture juggernaut “Glee,” and the first two seasons of the cult favorite “Sons of Anarchy.”
I don't know, and don't want to know, what a "Gleek" is, but I'm assuming that that's the word to describe people who are fans of the show Glee. Whatever. I've also never seen the show Sons of Anarchy, but apparently there are some die-hard fans of that as well.

Either way, this is great news, because it's good to see more and more shows that are currently broadcasting on television coming to Netflix streaming. Especially, in cases like this, where the shows are currently broadcasting on a weekly basis on network television.

The blog post went on to describe some other shows that are soon to arrive on Netflix streaming:
We’ll also be adding great shows like “Ally McBeal” and “The Wonder Years” to be instantly watched from Netflix at this time.
So, I wonder what other shows are soon to arrive? I've got to be honest, I'm looking forward to watching some Wonder Years again!


Jeremy said...

Gleek is the self proclaimed name for Glee fans

Christopher said...

Also... twin peaks.

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