Fox Shows Didn't Expire from Streaming...

It might seem a little redundant considering you've probably figured this out on your own by now, but awhile ago I wrote a blog post that described my worries regarding a bunch of shows were imminent to expire on April 1st. Now that the date has come, let's look into the Netflix catalog to see which, if any, of these shows have expired:

Arrested Development - STILL HERE!
Better Off Ted - STILL HERE
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - STILL HERE
Dollhouse - STILL HERE
Firefly - STILL HERE
King of the Hill - STILL HERE
Lie to Me - STILL HERE
My Name is Earl - STILL HERE
Prison Break - STILL HERE
Riches, The - STILL HERE
Roswell - STILL HERE
X-Files, The - STILL HERE

So, as it turns out, it appears that they renewed their license contracts with Fox after all. Sorry for any worry, as I know that some of you might have gone on marathons to try to get all episodes of some series in before they expired. Oh well, but really, at least you finally got around to watching the stuff you wanted to watch in the first place! Now you have plenty of time to scrounge around on this Netflix blog for something else to watch!


Anonymous said...

Probably an April Fools joke...

Anonymous said...

? All the Fox stuff was gone from my instant queue tonight. So was a lot of other stuff that has only been available for a short period of time. Is there a glitch?

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