The Beach: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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Anyone who took basic civics classes in junior high or middle school likely had to study the story (whether in book or movie form) of the movie Lord of the Flies. At least where I went to school, that's what we studied in order to give us a basis for the notion that, well, people are corrupt as all hell.

The Beach is kind of like an adult version of the story, wherein Leonardo DiCaprio and co. find an island outside the realm of society. This island, though beautiful, and the people, though seemingly intelligent, come together to create a melting pot for dystopia. Or at least, definitely not a utopia.

I took issue with some of the characters and acting in the movie, but the cinematography (directed by the famous Danny Boyle, by the way) really makes this movie watching.

It's a really interesting idea, and although it obviously could have been better executed, it's worth watching. It wasn't very successful when released in theaters and has kind of dropped off a lot of radars since then. If you're looking for the combination of Academy Award-winning direction with Leonardo Dicaprio acting, and you don't want to watch a Scorsese film, here you go.

I liked it, and I think you will too, especially if you don't know what the heck "Lord of the Flies" is.


Anonymous said...

i'm not trolling here. this movie is legitimately bad. please don't advertise it.

watch all the other danny boyle movies, but not this one.

Taylor said...

It really, truly is a disappointment considering who all was involved, but you'll note that I suggested it not based on the merits of the story or acting, but primarily because of the cinematography.

Either way, I agree with you, that this film isn't very good.

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