Parks and Recreation: Netflix Surprises

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Some people might proclaim that there's absolutely no way that Parks and Recreation could be considered a hidden gem to any extent at this point, but I'm going to have to disagree.

With The Office really coming to what feels like a close (Michael Scott leaving and so forth) I know a lot of people irl (in real life, for those less nerdy) who tell me how they're so sad that they won't have The Office for likely much longer. I mean really, do you really see it going on much longer? Scrubs didn't do too well in that last season, did it?

The thing is, as The Office has gone on and on, and the Jim and Pam saga completely became a thing in the distance, I felt the show kind of just droned on. Maybe I'm being a little bit of an Office Hipster in feeling like this, but still, I simply don't enjoy the show as much now as I did in the beginning.

I remember when the first season of Parks and Recreation started playing, I was not impressed. The show seemed like a rehash of The Office (what with the fake camera crew following the characters around and the like) and the characters all seemed contrived and a little forced. I waded through the season (it was very short) and didn't really expect it to be renewed for a second.

To my surprise, it was, and I gave that a shot as well (I was really wanting that replacement to The Office, as you can see). To my dismay, the second season rocked.

Everything just seemed to come together, as all the characters became deeper and funnier. The jokes became smarter and once you really understood the motivations of people, you really understood the show.

I now watch Parks and Recreation every week and I love it. To me, Parks and Recreation has become better than The Office, in terms of quality and enjoyment. Amy Poehler is an awesome anchor in the show and pulls off the straight man routine perfectly (see: Michael Scott in The Office).

If you haven't given this show a chance for whatever reason, be sure you do. You might have to get through a few episodes (by that time you'll probably be on season two) but once you start watching, you can't stop.

Top 10 Streaming Family Movies on Netflix - April 2011

It seems like the family selection just becomes better and better on Netflix streaming with each passing month. It's amazing to me that Netflix is able to get Pixar movies on here, considering how abundantly clear the demand is for movies from that company.

Other than that, this list is in fact filled with computer animated films from other companies, but the list isn't limited to animated films. You'll find a couple hidden within the list that, if for some reason animated films aren't your cup of tea, you would absolutely enjoy if you're looking for a good old-fashioned family movie to watch.

2. Up

Top 10 Nostaligia TV Show Cartoons on Netflix - April 2011

I was a child, growing up in the 1990s. Because of this, I feel I was privy to being able to enjoy what some might consider to be the golden age of children's programming.

It was the age in which computer animation hadn't become dominant in television and film yet, as CGI simply couldn't really hold up unless it was something huge like Toy Story.

Nickelodeon was one of my favorite channels growing up, and it was stacked full of amazingly great animated cartoon shows. It's hard to sometimes put my finger on exactly what it was that made so many of these shows so much better than the majority of what's on TV today, but I have to assume it lies somewhere in the slower-paced storytelling and the ability to layer characters with more personality.

Either way, I've listed below what I consider to be the Top 10 shows that I feel super nostalgic about that are available on Netflix streaming. I know for a fact a bunch of you feel the same way about a ton of these shows:

I didn't really grow up watching Blue's Clues, but it was always on in my house (I have a little sister). The rest of the shows were series that I enjoyed thoroughly and loved. Who am I kidding, I STILL LOVE YOU RUGRATS!

PS: But not the latter Rugrats seasons. Only the early ones.

Thank you RTers Tuesday #4 4/26/11

Thank you to the following Tweeters for taking the time to retweet something we said from our Twitter account within the past week! Thanks to you guys and others spreading the word, we're almost up to 500 followers!

I wonder how long it'll take for us to reach 500?

Top 10 Action Movies on Netflix - April 2011

Time to lay out what we consider to be some of the finest movies worth watching within the action category on Netflix streaming. Here you go!

Can you tell I enjoyed Die Hard? Also, I see Governator Arnold makes this list twice.

I've gotta say, there are a lot of 007 movies now available, and I've not seen any of them. Are any of them worth watching?

Coming Soon, Streaming Soon at Netflix - May 2011

Another big dump into the Netflix streaming pile of movies available to watch next month! Lots of noteworthy stuff that I know I'm excited to watch for the first time, and of course there's plenty that we've all seen. A bunch of these titles will likely come back in future blog posts as Netflix Surprises, so be on the look out for those! I think this might be our biggest "look what we find noteworthy that's coming next month" list yet!

Beethoven's 3rd (4 and 5 are coming too, but we both know you won't watch more than one of these)

What are you excited to watch?

Red Dragon: Netflix Surprises

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Even though this movie was in the Hannibal trilogy (no, that one prequel doesn't count as a movie), it seems to be the least well-known. This is too bad, because in my opinion, might be the best of the three.

I'm a big fan of Edward Norton, so I enjoy almost everything he's in to begin with, but this story breaks away from the overall "uncomfortable" (and almost campy) tone that I felt from the previous film (Hannibal) and brings the thriller aspect back to everything.

Edward Norton is an FBI agent, and he's tasked with solving a very complicated and complex murder case. The madman is horrifying, and it's exciting to see how the story develops and the mystery unfolds.

This film is a prequel to the legendary "Silence of the Lambs" film, and if you haven't seen that one, I don't know what's wrong with you, but you should probably start there.

Hannibal is one of my favorite villains in any movie series, so I enjoy him having a role in this film. It's fun because he's a super-genius, and it's interesting to see how he interacts with people frequently in all these movies who all hate his guts (and generally, justifiably).

Check this movie out if you're looking for an exciting thriller to watch. If you've already seen it, it's still fun on a second viewing, and at this point I've already seen it several times. It's one of those movies that I sometimes forget about, but want to watch with friends again whenever it comes up in conversation.

Netflix Stoner & 4/20 Movies

Not that we condone or approve any sort of illegal activity relating (or not relating) to today's date in the calendar year, but there is still a large group of people who are passionate about a certain subject relating to today.

I think you know what we mean. And if you don't, you'll probably figure it out once you check your Facebook feed to find out via some of your friends "celebrating" a "holiday" today.

If you're interested in streaming something on Netflix that can whet your appetite for learning more about Cannabis, here are some movies and shows currently streaming I found relating to the subject in one way or another. If it's your cup of tea, perhaps you'll be interested. Many of these are too stupid to watch, but some of them might actually be educational! Just be sure to read the description before watching.

The Big Lebowski you've heard me praise this movie a lot already

Weeds obviously

That '70s Show what do you think they're doing in that circle?

Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40 what do you think made him so fat? Hint: munchies.

I've seen the more popular names on this list, but I'd be curious to hear if anything else is worth watching.

Skynet Online Today, Self-Aware Thursday!

I don't know how it wasn't brought to my attention sooner (to be honest, this is something I really should have been keeping tabs on my own) but this is, in fact, the day in which Skynet is expected to finally go online!

Skynet, of course, is the "fictional" computer artificial-intelligence software used within the Terminator film series.

According to the (what I can only assume) is the official Terminator wiki page:
April 19, 2011. At 20:11 Skynet goes online.

As a result of temporal interference by Sarah Connor, her son John, Miles Dyson, and the T-800[1] destroying Cyberdyne headquarters and all backups of the research in 1995, the date for Judgment Day is moved to two days after activation on April 21, 2011.[2]
When this happens, this happens within the movie Terminator 2.

If for some strange sick reason you've never watched the film The Terminator before, get on it today! There's literally few better times to watch this series and be able to really feel like you're a part of the action. If you've watched the entire series a million times (more likely) and you're still wanting to get some sort of Terminator fix this week, you can always check out The Sarah Conner Connor Chronicles - which was a Fox television show that was on TV a few years ago.

Click to watch The Terminator streaming on Netflix here!
Click to watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles on streaming here!


Top 10 Romantic Comedies Streaming on Instant

Posted below are what we consider to be the best romantic comedies available for streaming on Netflix Instant, defined by the simple parameter of what we've watched.

5. Big

I'm not a big "romantic comedy" fan, and I'm not even sure how you truly define the term Romantic Comedy, but I'm assuming that it's some sort of combination between humor and romance, where there's some relationship being built throughout the movie?

Thank you Twitterers Tuesday #3

I would like to personally thank the following people for doing their part (even though they didn't have to) in spreading the word regarding this website. They did so by, sometime during the past week, retweeting a tweet that we had sent out from our Twitter account.

As you probably are aware, it's very difficult to get the word out on sites like this, especially with ever-increasing competition from the "big guys" -aka the big-named tech blogs that are able to post anything about Netflix and easily get high page-ranked by Google.

But anyway, thanks a bunch, for as our Twitter following grows, I can only assume that we can achieve a greater and greater community, of which will eventually flourish in the forum! (By the way, we're still waiting to hear from you in there!)

Thanks again, now go spread the word! Tell a friend about this site, and comment to tell me anything you'd like to see improved on the blog!

The Guild: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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I'm not a big fan of MMORPGs. In fact, I've sworn to myself to stay away from them. I've seen how they can consume people lives, taking up hours upon hours daily from people and stealing them away from any sort of real life social interactivity.

MMORPG stands for massive multiplayer online role playing game. If you know what an RPG is, it's like that, only it's online with other people playing simultaneously. This all sounds really complicated but it really isn't.

The Guild is a "TV show" (actually, it's online) that's based on MMORPG players. The characters within the show fundamentally communicate online, and so a majority of the show is simply watching them talk to their computers. Of course, they break away every so often, but most of the progression of the story deals with them talking at webcams and such.

Weirdly enough, this totally works. It really does, as much as it sounds like it wouldn't.

The Guild plays a basically nameless MMORPG, but to the best of my knowledge, it's pretty tongue-in-cheek that the game they're playing is World of WarCraft (the most famous, or infamous, MMORPG there is).

The show is quirky and weird and fun to watch. It has stretched out into four seasons so far, all available on Netflix streaming, and I've already watched them all. If you have friends who play these types of games, this is a fun little insight into their world - and if you ARE one of these types of gamers, I needn't say anymore because I know you've already seen this show.

Check it out if you want to relax to something that doesn't take too much effort to watch. It's extremely low-budget, but they make it work, as it's managed to gain quite some worthy Internet momentum. Add it to your queue and watch this music videos from the cast, it's awesome:

Mary and Max: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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It's been awhile since I first streamed this movie on Netflix. I've had a hard time deciding what I think of it, as it really is the kind of movie that's as good as you're conditioned to like movies like it to be.

What that is to say, is that it's really a depressing freaking movie. I mean, really depressing. There are times in which I'm in the mood to watch a movie like this, but when I watched it, it wasn't what I was looking for. I think that really affected the way in which I viewed it, as I remember distinctively having it bring down my mood.

That all being said, it's a great movie with some absolutely great animation. If you can't tell from the cover, it's a claymation animated film, focusing on the interconnected lives of the two main characters: a young little girl living in Australia and an old, fat man with Asperger's Syndrome.

The movie follows their lives as, as pen-pals, they age and explain their problems, worries, anxieties, and frustrations. The problem is that they're both in a pretty bad rut the whole movie, and it's super depressing to watch them both be miserable.

I've probably already given too much away from the plot, and for that I apologize. I do think that it's something you need to go in prepared for (unlike I was).

If you go in expecting what you get, it's a superb film. It's something you probably haven't heard much about, and if you're looking for something like this and are up to the tone, it might be just the hidden gem you're looking for.

What did you think?

Top 10 Dark Humor / Black Comedies on Netflix - April 2011

Just about everyone loves comedies, but not everyone's a fan of dark comedies. I think it's because, for the most part, a large portion of the population that watches movies doesn't seem to "get" it.

In my experience, dark humor is based around the idea of extreme subtlety, and in order to catch subtlety, you've got to be pretty smart. Now, I'm not saying that most people who watch movies aren't smart, but, well, yeah I am.

It's too bad that the cinema is flooded with ridiculous movies like "[Adjective] Movie," because all it does is lead to a recursive loop, where the dumb get dumber, because of course with high ticket sales, there's a continued market for the niche.

But anyway - here's our current list of the greatest movies available on Netflix streaming, which are classified as "dark humor."

Retweeter Tuesday Thank You #2

It's Tuesday, and as promised, here is the list of the first posters ever on the official FORUM!

The Wuggly Ump

Thanks for signing up and posting! I really do enjoy seeing all the plethora of movies that you guys are checking out, and it's amazing to me the different varieties of things you guys have tastes in! I'll post another thank you next week to those new members who post their first post, so I hope we get a lot more contributors. It'd be really fun to grow the community!

And, like last week, the following list of Twitter screen names each retweeted something that we tweeted from our account! Thanks again, and of course, if you want to see your name in this list next week, be sure to retweet something during the week!

(I hope I linked all those correctly!)

The Beach: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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Anyone who took basic civics classes in junior high or middle school likely had to study the story (whether in book or movie form) of the movie Lord of the Flies. At least where I went to school, that's what we studied in order to give us a basis for the notion that, well, people are corrupt as all hell.

The Beach is kind of like an adult version of the story, wherein Leonardo DiCaprio and co. find an island outside the realm of society. This island, though beautiful, and the people, though seemingly intelligent, come together to create a melting pot for dystopia. Or at least, definitely not a utopia.

I took issue with some of the characters and acting in the movie, but the cinematography (directed by the famous Danny Boyle, by the way) really makes this movie watching.

It's a really interesting idea, and although it obviously could have been better executed, it's worth watching. It wasn't very successful when released in theaters and has kind of dropped off a lot of radars since then. If you're looking for the combination of Academy Award-winning direction with Leonardo Dicaprio acting, and you don't want to watch a Scorsese film, here you go.

I liked it, and I think you will too, especially if you don't know what the heck "Lord of the Flies" is.

When's Star Trek Coming to Netflix?

This seems to be a recurring question, as the different series of Star Trek are obviously not available yet.

According to, here are the following Netflix streaming release dates:

July 1st
The original Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Enterprise.

October 1st
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Apparently, only the original series and Enterprise will be available in HD, which is too bad, because I'm specifically looking forward to watching The Next Generation. It's a little weird that Deep Space Nine is being released to streaming a little later than the rest, but whatever. It should take a lot of time to watch the rest of the stuff anyway.

Netflix Streaming Forum

Well, I've done something I've thought of doing for awhile: I made a forum.

I've been slowly but surely trying to make this website a community where we, as Netflix fans, can come together and speak and learn from one another all the great movies Netflix has to offer through its streaming service.

I feel like a forum is the next step in this path, and so I've created a place where we can all commune to speak and give ideas to one another.

I've started the forum with two main categories: General Discussion and Hidden Gem Suggestions.

General Discussion is self-explanatory, and "Hidden Gem Suggestions" is a place where I hope to read discussion over movies that you think should be blogged about and suggested as a surprise.

I hope very much that you take the time to add to the conversation! Register and confirm via email to quickly start being a part of the community!

Step 1. Go to forum page
Step 2. Register
Step 3. Confirm via email
Step 4. Start posting!

Coming Soon to Netflix Streaming - April (Part 2)

There are a bunch of new movies that are going to be arriving on Netflix streaming still this month that we didn't know of back when we released the first list.

So, here are a bunch of movies that are going to be available this month on Netflix!

Most notable on this list are the big arrivals like The Sorcerer's Apprentice and The Other Guys!

Top 10 Worst Movies on Netflix Streaming

We've posted plenty of lists naming good movies worth streaming on Netflix Instant, so how about a list naming some really, truly, horrible movies?

Here is the list ranking the absolute worst, most gut-wrenchingly bad movies available on Netflix - specifically relating to the Netflix community's overall ratings.

Strangely enough, some of the really bad movies I've watched on Netflix don't seem to be on here. But maybe those movies are so bad that too many people have rated them as good, being too hilarious? Anyway, here they are, with #1 being the lowest rated movie currently available for streaming...

So, let up. I want to know if and how many of these movies you've seen. I've never seen any of them, but the next time I'm in the mood to watch something to make fun of with some friends at a party, it appears that each of these movies would be worth watching. But only in that case.

Mystery Team: Netflix Surprises

Click to watch the movie on Netflix streaming here!

I'm a big fan of the NBC show Community, and therefore a big fan of Donald Glover. Being a big fan of Donald Glover, I'm therefore a big fan of much of the stuff he does.

Mystery Team is a movie created and starring a few friends at "Derrick Comedy." Derrick Comedy is a sketch comedy group from New York University. They've garnered a lot of reputability over the past few years through gaining a large following on YouTube.

Anyway, these dudes got together and made a movie, and it just so happens to be available for streaming on Netflix!

The movie itself is awkward, quirky, and bizarre, but that's what gives it its charm. It's a low budget film made by a bunch of friends, but in all honesty, this isn't very easily discernible on viewing. The cinematography is surprisingly good.

As for the "funny" factor itself, I actually found myself laughing aloud several times in the movie. A lot of jokes are very well timed, and when executed, made me burst out. At the same time, there are a LOT of jokes in the movie that just don't come off well at all, and I felt like the movie was trying almost too hard to get me to laugh at them.

A lot of these awkward parts I've mentioned have to do with very long gaps between cuts, wherein there's almost a pause to reel in the awkwardness, realize there IS a pause, laugh, and watch the cut. This happens a lot, but it's okay in my book because overall the movie was fun despite its over-the-top tone.

This is definitely not a movie for everyone, but if you can relax and take in the, what I might consider, a "satire of subtle humor," for what it is, it's worth watching. As I've heard many people say, this seems like the kind of movie that will spark a large cult following (because it's just so dang stupid), so if you want to hop on the bandwagon before that happens, get on now.

Mad Men Coming to Netflix Streaming!

Yup, you read that right. And no, it's not April Fool's Day anymore, so it's not a joke.

It appears as though Mad Men, the hugely famous AMC television series will soon be coming to Netflix Instant Watch!

According to the Wall Street Journal:
Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., which produces the hit television series "Mad Men," is finalizing a deal with Netflix Inc. to stream all seven seasons of the critically-acclaimed show about a 1960s advertising agency, according to people close to the situation.

The deal is worth between $75 million and $100 million, the people said. That means Netflix is paying close to $1 million per episode of the series, which "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner said last week would run seven seasons. Each season features 13 episodes, which Lions Gate licenses to cable network AMC.
So, while many of us felt sad when we discovered some of our favorite series were going to start to slowly disappear from Netflix, this helps rectify the situation quite a bit. I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to watch Mad Men, but of course, it's so difficult to get started watching without starting at the beginning. Once it's available, I know I'm sure to add it to my queue immediately!

So, when will we be able to start streaming this award-winning series? Again from the WSJ article:
Under the "Mad Men" deal, viewers will be able to stream the first four seasons of "Mad Men" on Netflix around mid-July. Once the final episode of the fifth season finishes airing on AMC in 2012, episodes from that entire season will also be available on Netflix. The sixth and final seasons of "Mad Men" will follow a similar pattern.
Looks like we'll have to wait till July. Oh well, that gives plenty of time to watch many of the other great streaming movies and shows recently released to Netflix.

Thanks to Retweeters Tuesday (#1) 4/05/11

I'm thinking of starting a new tradition here at to show appreciation for those on Twitter who have helped spread the word of our website and tweets.

Starting today, if you've retweeted @WatchOnNetflix (our Twitter account), you'll be mentioned here. So, thanks so much to the following for going out of their way to retweet us!

Thanks again, and if you want to be on next week's list, make sure you follow us and reweet something worth telling your friends. SPREAD THE WORD!

Top 10 Stand-up Comedies on Netflix - April 2011

I'm very slowly but surely trying to improve the number of stand up comedy routines I've watched on Netflix streaming. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't watched an extremely high amount. Therefore, there's a really good chance I'm missing something great from this miss. Please, recommend something if you feel like it deserves to be on this list! Hopefully I'll enjoy it enough to put on the next one.

Otherwise, let me hear it! I'm curious to hear what your taste in stand-up comedians is like.

There really are a lot of George Carlin ones to watch, huh?

Top 10 Funniest Netflix Streaming Movies - April 2011

Here's the latest issue of's Top 10 Funniest Movies streaming on Instant. Some new movies have arrived on the scene at Netflix, and so of course, some changes have occurred to the latest list on this Netflix blog. Lots of funny stuff available now!

Wanna check out other Top 10 Lists? Be sure to click here!
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