Showtime Pulling Dexter, Californication off Netflix

That's right, in a strange turn of events this evening we've discovered that Showtime and Netflix have "reworked" their contractual agreement, thereby taking away some of Netflix fans' most beloved shows off the Netflix service.

Showtime and Netflix have struck a new deal that won't give the upstart subscription service streaming rights to the CBS Corp.-owned channel's current series.
The shift comes as Showtime focuses on providing content to its newly launched Showtime Anytime authenticated broadband service.

While previous seasons of "Dexter" and "Californication" will disappear from Netflix this summer, Showtime will allow programs no longer active on the network to remain available for streaming via Netflix.

For instance, "The Tudors" will still be streamable on Netflix, and another Showtime series that isn't on the service yet, "Sleeper Cell," will be added in July.
Obviously, this blows for people who haven't had the chance to watch Dexter or Californication yet, as they're both absolutely phenomenal shows. At the same time, there's still plenty of time to watch, as it appears they'll begin disappearing this summer. They're both some of the best written material playing on television today, and I know I wouldn't have watched either if they hadn't been available on Netflix streaming.

Hopefully, this is all part of the reoccurring "ebb and flow" that Netflix is always describing of content being released and then brought back, but I can only assume that as Netflix becomes more and more competitive in the television realm of media, other companies are going to be scared of giving them any advantage.

If you haven't started either of these television series yet on Netflix, you have been warned! You now have a finite of time before they're gone...

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Anonymous said...

dammit this really sucks.

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