Restrepo: Netflix Surprises

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It's very easy to sometimes forget the hardships that those who volunteer to go to war are really getting themselves into. It's hard to continuously remind ourselves that they're constantly in harm's way, and that at any point in time, they're putting their life on the line.

I gave Restrepo a chance because I saw it had been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. I was amazed at the amount of footage that the cameramen were able to get, and wasn't too surprised it was nominated after watching.

The film follows a platoon of soldiers as they work over a year in one of the most dangerous parts of the entire operation in the Middle East. You're able to see what the soldiers see, from their point of view.

It's shocking, but truthful, and that's why I liked it. I appreciate it when documentaries like this can give the public a true vision of the lifestyle of a people far away. It gives the ability to learn how others deal and cope with the struggles they're put to task with, and especially in cases like this, it's important to see what the current version of battle is.

The film doesn't get too much into the politics of war, but rather showcases the true emotions felt by these young men. Obviously, the hardships take their toll, as each struggles throughout the film to describe the entire fiasco. Nonetheless, it's also obvious that each finds it important to document what happened, and to especially dedicate it to their friend Restrepo.

Add it to your queue if you're in the mood to watch a very REAL documentary regarding the current state of war.


Anonymous said...

new rule for tay tay: if a movie is oscar nominated, it's not a surprise.

o to the doyle

Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't remember hearing of it, and I actually watched the Oscars. Guess some of us don't pay much attention to nominations for documentaries during a horrible show. So, thanks from me for mentioning it!

Anonymous said...

comments 1 and 2 were both by taylor. hes obsessed with pretending he has commenters, and a troll named odoyle.

Taylor said...

No? I really don't understand any motivation to do that?

In fact, I think most negative remarks on this forum are by the same person/troll, including the comment I'm responding to. Seems to be the same writing style, lack of grammar, and references me by name. Most don't do that.

I can very easily start deleting trolling comments on here, but haven't because it's funny to see them try so hard. If it's the assumption that I, myself, am writing these, then maybe I'll start deleting them.

Phil said...

I'll actually post something about this movie. I too had not heard of it, and I generally watch movies along these lines. I do agree with the author in that it is really in your face from the moment the film crew reaches Afghanistan. It is easy for us to forget that there are our young men and women dying all for the sake of freedom, not only for the people of the United States they are there fighting for the freedom of the people who are unable to do so for themselves.
I would recommend watching this movie, even if you don't believe we should have our troops over there.

InstaFlicka Podcast said...

The filmmakers play it extremely straight in this documentary. It is not overly-sentimental to it's protagonists and it decidedly does not have a point of view. It is a great historical document of the United States in Afghanistan.

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