Ransom: Netflix Surprises

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It's sometimes difficult to muster the courage for some people nowadays to actually admit that Mel Gibson is and was a pretty fine actor. He's been in some phenomenal movies, and one of those movies is called "Ransom."

In Ransom, Gibson plays an extremely wealthy man who owns an airline. He's so wealthy and so well-known that of course, per the title, he has his son kidnapped and the bad guys are demanding a ransom be paid.

This is such a simple type of storyline, but this movie in specific executes so well. It's a thrilling experience that when I think back of "suspenseful" movies that I've ever watched, this probably ranks in my top 10.

Of course with any thriller, there's a lot of mystery and excitement that goes on, of which if I explained much more within this blog post, I might be giving something away. I've always tried to make this Netflix blog a place where people could get suggested movies and not fall prey to having to read a ton of spoilers.

Ransom stands the test of multiple viewings. The character development is great, and you really feel in-tune with the emotions that the family is experiencing. It's getting to be kind of an older movie by now (was 1996 really that long ago?) so hopefully someone will see this, give it a shot, and enjoy it for the first time. I know I wish I could experience it for the first time again.


Nick said...

Gimme Back My Son (remixed)

Anonymous said...

i need to watch this again. it was very well rated on screenit.com , but i was underwhelmed when i watched in 2004, i'll have to give it another shot

Truck said...

Yuck, I hated this movie.

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