Netflix Login: Movies Online with Other Profiles

I, like many others, share my Netflix account with other family members. It's very nice when someone else in my family wants to watch something on the Wii while I want to watch stream Netflix on Xbox 360.

Now, I can understand the limitations set to make it so there are only a couple streams being able to be simultaneously played on the same paid account, but the limitation of being able to see actually what is streaming on secondary accounts is frustrating.

If you're sharing the same paid/primary account, obviously everyone shares the same Netflix queue for streaming movies (as well as mail-in, etc). If you have separate secondary account profiles, each person on the paid account then has the ability to rate movies so that Netflix can hone in on their specific preferences.

But the problem here is that, on those secondary accounts, you cannot see what's available for streaming. You can rate an infinite amount of movies, but the preferences for movies that Netflix suggests become meaningless if you can't utilize them to stream movies.

Basically, what ends up happening is that someone on one of the secondary profiles on our account gets so frustrated having to switch back and forth between the primary and secondary profiles to see if something is streaming that they just give up trying to have their own profile altogether, and instead choose to deal with the primary account's preferences. This way, they're able to glance at the selection of Netflix streaming movies with ease.

I know there are lots of different third party tools that help people be able to see what's streaming (and even third party tools that help suggest movies on Netflix), but this simply seems like an easy fix for Netflix to make. I'm not even asking that Netflix make those movies available to stream on the secondary accounts, but simply just tell the user that it's available.

This seems like a small issue but it really would be nice to have different Netflix preferences per different profiles on the same account. I know other family members would get more out of their Netflix experience if this was the case.


Donna said...

Another thing that bugs me is that when my teenage daughter watches something on my account, it affects what movies are suggested for me. She loves horror films; I don't. But if she watches several horror films, Netflix starts recommending horror films for me.

Amanda said...

Sometimes, I let my toddler watch kids shows streaming and keep a variety of age-appropriate titles in my instant queue just for her. When I got tired of her shows clogging up my instant queue, I created a profile for her. I don't get discs for her, so it would have just been what she watches streaming. But, no... I can't create an instant queue for a secondary profile. :( Delete profile. Would have been so handy, though.

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