The League: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises (televison)

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With the dawn of the Internet age, Fantasy Football has been able to become and everyday hobby for just about everyone. Before the Internet, there was a host of complications that awaited even simple lineup adjustments, with lots of calling and calling to try to get a hold of your commissioner.

Not anymore, with today's technology, everything in Fantasy Football is a cinch, and adjustments can be done seamlessly. This has opened the world of Fantasy Football to not only the esteemed football experts of the world, but to the average fans as well. (Although very often those people suck, because they join your league only to draft and then lose a game and never pay attention to their roster).

Anyway, it seems every year, Fantasy Football somehow manages to become even more popular, and with that growing popularity comes a niche market.

The League centers around a group of friends who, of course, have their own Fantasy Football league. They, like most Americans, are overzealous in their competitiveness, and most of the driving conflict of the show spawns from it. The characters in the show are basically soulless in their attempts at winning, as they're out to win at any cost. This allots to a lot of silly situations.

I watch and like this TV show because I'm in a league of my own, and it's so funny to me to hear jokes that only a Fantasy player would get. There are certain players who people trade, only to become huge busts, there are players that go undrafted that everyone swarms over, and so on.

It sounds like you wouldn't enjoy this show if you're not into Fantasy, but that's not the case. Its center storyline might have to do with "the league," but it's still pushed around by lots of different situational comedy scenarios, and it's fun to see lots of different celebrities make cameos as well.

Oh! And Jon Lajoie is in it, and he's awesome!


Truck said...

Did anybody else really like the first season but found the second one nearly unwatchable? It seemed like they added a bunch of sports consultants and marketed it more towards the ESPN crowd rather than the alt comedy crowd that came for semi-improv with Scheer and Kroll with Jeff Schaffer's sometimes-golden touch.

Anonymous said...

I thought the 2nd season was better than the 1st. Try the veal.

InstaFlicka Podcast said...

I love it.

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