Fox Shows Expiring Soon

It has been brought to my attention that there are a few Fox shows that are expected to be expiring soon. Each of the following titles is set to expire from availability from Netflix streaming Instant Watch as of April 1st:

Better Off Ted
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
King of the Hill
My Name is Earl
Prison Break
Riches, The
X-Files, The

If for some reason you've never gotten around to starting or finishing one of these series, I'd recommend doing so now, just in case they aren't renewed. Granted, many of these series are very well known (as well as take up a great load of the current content available on Netflix streaming) so the hope is obviously that they'll be renewed quickly. You never know, though, especially with shows like Firefly soon to be available on cable channels.


Anonymous said...

why is my name is earl listed as a fox show? it was on NBC and TBS.


Taylor said...

Guess who it was produced by?

Anonymous said...

7 of these were new releases in Canada this week. No way they'll be gone so soon I'd think.

Anonymous said...

I'm only on season 2 of King Of The Hill. Darn it all, it was a great go-to to have in my queue.

Anonymous said...

when i here "____ show" i'm not thinking "omg thats the network that produced it!"

have you seen the new HBO show? it's playing on NBC!

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