Dumb and Dumber on Netflix Streaming: Unrated?

Dumb and Dumber has recently become available on Netflix streaming, but for some reason it's an "Unrated" version, not released in theaters.

Some people have been wondering what this whole "unrated" thing is about, so I've gone to the great almighty Wikipedia to see what the differences are in this version. Those differences are:
Added/removed scenes
  • In the unrated version, when Harry and Lloyd are in the truckstop diner, Harry complains to the waitress that his drink is no longer fizzy. The waitress deals with this by rudely grabbing the glass and blowing bubbles through the straw.
  • In the original version, "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" by XTC (covered by Crash Test Dummies for the film) plays during the scene where Harry, Lloyd, and Mental are in the restaurant. This song is absent in the unrated version, possibly due to copyright issues.
  • After the gas station scene, a new scene occurs while driving where Harry makes fun of Lloyd about being in a bathroom with a 6'4" man with his pants down.
  • In the original version, when Mental tears Petey's (Harry's parakeet) head off, it cuts after he says "I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat!." In the unrated version, it shows him violently squeezing Petey's head with his fists.
  • In the original version, Sea Bass is about to spit on Harry's burger, but the camera cuts to Lloyd, while the spitting sound is still heard. In the unrated version, it shows the spit coming out of his mouth onto the burger.
  • The unrated version features an extended dialogue scene between Lloyd and Harry in the honeymoon motel.
  • In the unrated version, when Mental and Shay are waiting by the side of the road for Harry and Lloyd to drive by, Shay says to Joe: "Keep your shirt on, I gotta squeeze a lemon" and crouches down.
  • In the unrated version, when Sea Bass finds Lloyd in the bathroom, Lloyd keeps repeating "Find a happy place" to which Sea Bass replies, "I'll show you a happy place!" before dropping his own pants and grabbing his crotch.
  • In the unrated version, it features an extra scene prior to Harry's departure to the slopes with Mary, in which Lloyd comments on Harry's "revealing" ski suit.
  • In the original version, when Harry is attempting to fix Mary's toilet, he shouts out that he's shaving, and we see Mary standing at the door. The unrated version shows Harry lifting the toilet to the window and dumping its contents out.
  • In the original version, it is only implied that Sea Bass was trying to rape Lloyd however in the unrated he states that he is
So, there you go. I don't know how many of you have actually been curious about this, but it's kind of interesting to see the little differences between the different films. As you should know by now, Dumb and Dumber is a phenomenally great comedy, and if for some strange reason you haven't seen it by now, what in the world are you waiting for? Go add it to your Netflix queue this Instant! (Do you see what I did there?)

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