Defending Your Life: Netflix Hidden Gem Surprises

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Defending Your Life is really the definition of hidden gem to me. I first watched this movie a couple years ago, and found it simply by scrolling through huge lists on Rotten Tomatoes to try to find high scoring films I hadn't seen.

I came across this one, and hadn't heard of it whatsoever, so it was strange seeing that it had such a high RT rating.

I gave it a shot and really enjoyed it. It's a witty comedy regarding a pretty crazy take on the after-life. It's written and directed by Albert Brooks, and it really showcases his sense of humor.

Albert Brooks stars as the main character, and abruptly dies in a car accident very early on in the movie. He's then transported to "Judgment City," which is just what it sounds like: a place where you're expected to defend your actions that you took in life. If you succeed at "defending your life," then you're able to go to Heaven. But it's kind of a long and complicated process...

It's a thoughtful and touching story, and if you give it a shot, I think you'll be very surprised that this movie hasn't garnered more attention over the past decade or two. If you plan on queuing this on Netflix, do it quick, because it appears to be expiring from Netflix streaming on March 25th.

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