Almost Heroes: Netflix Surprises

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There's not a day goes by that I watch a Chris Farley movie and not wish that he was still around. I was just a child when he passed away, and I can only think of all the amazing movies that he probably would have created if he was given the time and opportunity.

Almost Heroes was one of his last movies, and was actually released to the public after he had died. It's a goofy movie but it stays true to his sense of humor, allowing it to be a rather justifiable final film (although I'm not going to lie, it would have been nice if he would've been able to team up with David Spade again).

Anyway, outside of all this existential framing, the movie is really funny! It's one of my favorite comedies currently available on Netflix streaming, and it's worth watching if you have a good sense of humor.

The movie also stars Matthew Perry, who does the whole "Matthew Perry" thing in this movie, but it's not as obnoxious as I might be making it seem. It's hilarious, and the teaming up of him with Farley is magnificent casting.

The movie is about two men who begin to traverse across the wide west, hoping to be the first two Europeans to do so. The problem is, there are these two other people (Louis and Clark) who are also attempting to get to the Pacific Ocean first.

The whole thing isn't to be taken seriously whatsoever, so it really is something you can watch and not have to think too much. Like I kind of already said, it's really a silly movie, but it's incredibly enjoyable. Watch it and you'll certainly be satisfied.


Christopher said...

Good call. I've seen black sheep and tommy boy more times than I care to admit. Time to diversify.

InstaFlicka Podcast said...

"I name this here fork 'Pittsburgh Nellie'; a Welsh whore who could do things with her one good arm that'd make you forget that *thing* on her neck."

sblasingame said...

The eagle egg scene is worth the price of admission all by itself. If you don't laugh at that scene, then something is wrong with you. Another nice thing about this movie is that Farley's character is not a complete idiot like most of his other characters. There are obviously some typical Farley moments, but his character actually has some knowledge and experience in his field.

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