Louie: Netflix Surprises

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I don't know how I've failed to recommend this streaming TV show so far, but I apologize for my lapse in realization.

Louie is great! Based on and acted by the stand up comedy routine of Louis C.K., this show delves into an assortment of topics. What's most interesting about the show (other than the hilarity that ensues) is the fact that the show doesn't really have much of a structure. That meaning, that not every episode follows the same arch. For instance, some episodes may be like short movies and others may be heavily-routine based.

The show tackles a host of different types of topics, and it's so funny to see Louis C.K. put himself into so many excruciatingly awkward (but entirely believable) everyday situations, essentially mocking his own lifestyle, but simultaneously obviously having so much fun with it.

If you asked me to name who I thought was the funniest man in comedy right now, I'd be hard-pressed to decide between Ricky Gervais and Louis C.K. If you haven't gotten into Louis C.K.'s comedy before, here would be an awesome place to start, for he really tackles the entire television show idea and brings it into a new direction.

He absolutely has his own style and flavor of comedy, and you should take advantage of streaming his debut season of Louie on Netflix Instant while you still have the chance!


InstaFlicka Podcast said...

I agree this is a pretty good show. There is not really much plot usually and the episodes stand alone without much tying them together. It is basically just Louie explaining the hilarity of his everyday normal life. I enjoy it and laugh a lot at it.

Rocketboy said...

Louie is the best... Don't forget the series "Lucky Louie" as well, which is only available on DVD. This was a 'traditional' sitcom that he did on HBO that only lasted one season.

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