The Karate Kid (2010): Netflix Surprises

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Now obviously, The Karate Kid is a famous movie. It has Will Smith's kid and Jackie Chan in it, and is a re-imagining/remake of one of the most famous martial arts related movies in American culture.

That being said, I still am recommending it as a surprise today because, even though it's famous and was released quite recently, it's surprising how good it is! (Although I'm still not quite over the fact that they call it "Karate Kid," when he's obviously doing Kung Fu - not Karate.)

I was very apprehensive going into my viewing of it, mainly because I'm such a fan of the original, but also because I've had just about enough Jackie Chan movies (I wasn't a fan of the Rush Hour movies). And really, how could you outdo the original movie?

But, setting aside my foundation of love for the original, I was able to recognize this film for its own merits. It's the same story, but thoroughly adapted to extend to the modern global era.

Will Smith's kid (of whom I will continue to refer to as Will Smith's kid) and his family move from America to China, wherein they're introduced into an entirely new culture. Aside from learning the ins and outs of the new world, Will Smith's kid gets roughed around by some locals who are his age. Jackie Chan (the Mr. Miyagi character of this film) helps him out a bit.

I usually despise the concept of remakes, especially when it's a case where the original movie wouldn't really gain much from a reboot (there aren't any special effects or anything that would add anything to the story), but this, to me, was a legitimate and genuine attempt at retelling the story for a new generation.

I enjoyed it, and I think you would too, no matter your age. Add it to your Netflix streaming queue and give it a chance!

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Miss Jessie said...

Going to watch it tonight...thanks!

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