How to Get A Movie on Netflix Streaming

Awhile ago I wrote a post regarding the process in which the Netflix streaming community could band together to help out the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys, and get their new "show" Rifftrax on Netflix's Watch Instantly service.

The process, as explained within the post by MST3K and RiffTrax star Kevin Murphy, involved having enough people add it to their Netflix queue, thereby showing great enough demand for Netflix to stream it.

A lot of people got really confused over the process, wondering how in the hell it's possible that THAT's the process to get something to stream, if there are so many horrible movies to choose from already available.

But, apparently, it turns out that this is confirmed to be one of the ways in which people can in fact get a movie or TV series on Netflix. Via HackingNetflix, we learn that it was confirmed by Netflix spokesperson Steve Swasey,
"If we have a certain number of Queue adds, we will buy the title."
So, don't stop adding RiffTrax dvds to your Instant queue!


Brian said...

What can we do if we have a streaming only account?

tamara lorens said...

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