Groundhog Day: Netflix Surprises

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Yes, I know it seems like a poor, perfunctory excuse of a "Netflix Surprise," but I couldn't resist the notion of recommending one of my favorite movies on the holiday it's based on - Groundhog Day!

I'm holding out hope that there's someone out there who, for whatever reason, hasn't seen this classic yet, and can therefore it's a hidden gem to them. These same people must have also ignored all my Top 10 lists where I name this as one of the best movies on Netflix on a consistent basis.

Groundhog Day stars the amazing (and badass) Bill Murray, who is a news reporter, delegated to covering the footage of the Groundhog Day groundhog seeing his shadow (or not, you know how it works).

He has a horrible day, and is so glad to have it be over. He goes to bed, thankful that tomorrow is going to be a new day only to find.. what's this? The alarm clock is playing the same song he woke up to yesterday. And why are the morning radio announcers talking about today as if it's Groundhog Day still? Weird, that seems like a strange mix-up to accidentally play a repeat of the show the day after.

He goes on to realize that, through and through, he's experiencing the same day as he did yesterday. Once that day's over, the day repeats again, and again, and again throughout the entire movie.

This is one of those movies that I really can't find anything wrong with. It's great, and it's layered with a lot of existential philosophical undertones that don't get in the way of the story being really simple and easy-going. It's motivational and exciting, and I absolutely recommend adding it to your queue today of all days, as this is one of the only movies I can think of that represents this stupid holiday!

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Eric said...

One of my favorite movies. I can watch this again and again!

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