Big Fan: Netflix Surprises

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Big Fan isn't really a comedy, as a lot of people would probably assume. It's a drama about a man who's really, really into the New York Giants (the NFL football team).

Big Fan represents the absurdity and idolatry involved in obsessive fandom of professional athletes. The main character in the movie, played by Patton Oswalt, is a huge (huge is an understatement) fan of the Giants, and specifically their quarterback (who's a fictional character in the film).

One night when the Oswalt character and his best friend are out and about having some pizza, they discover outside that the quarterback that they fawn over is outside, getting in his vehicle.

They follow him and his buddies, and eventually get themselves into a very bad situation, wherein the quarterback they've been following ends up brutally assaulting Patton Oswalt.

After this attack is when the movie really switches tones, and we see how he deals with the entire situation, being forced to reexamine the direction his life is going.

I enjoyed it, as it was very well written and acted. I'd recommend adding it to your queue, especially if you're a fan of Oswalt.


Anonymous said...

i actually liked this movie. oswalt is talented. it does a good job of blending serious, funny, and dark. plus i love NFL


good catch for taylor, a true netflix surprise

Miss Jessie said...

Sounds like a great movie, I will definitely check it out. Thanks dude.

Eric said...

Haven't watched this yet but plan to.

InstaFlicka Podcast said...

I rather enjoyed this movie. It is nice to see Patton Oswalt get to do something substantial. It you liked THE WRESTLER you might like this.

Phil said...

I decided to watch this movie sometime last year. Kinda cool that this is making it now onto a list of movies to watch. Not only is Oswalt's role a good watch but his best buddy played by Kevin Corrigan is great as well. If you've ever listened to sports radio, you'll now have a face to place the faceless voices.

Anonymous said...

actually it is a comedy. it's a dark comedy. this is a recognized type of comedy to anyone who watches movies. seriously why are you talking about movies at all?

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