Wall Street: Netflix Surprises

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I heard this morning that Michael Douglas had survived his fight with throat cancer, and was shocked. I remember seeing pictures of him in very bad shape a few weeks ago, and thinking this had to be it.

Much to my surprise and delight, I discovered he had survived and am pretty pumped. Michael Douglas is one of my favorite actors, and in honor of celebrating his victory over cancer (seriously, if there's anyone who could beat cancer, it'd probably be him) I'm suggesting a movie with him in it today!

A lot of people saw that there was a "Wall Street" movie that came out in theaters recently, obviously starring Michael Douglas, and co-starring that dude from the fourth Indiana Jones movie. I forgot his name but don't feel like looking it up. It's like "Shia LaBOOF" or something.

Anyway, for some reason, nobody seemed to know or care that this was actually a sequel to a previous movie. In fact the subtitle of the new film "Money never sleeps," was actually a very famous quote from the original picture.

I haven't seen the new movie, but I can only guess that it can't hold a candle to the original. Granted, as time has come and gone, the movie has become slightly dated, but that's not to say it still holds up as a thrilling, intelligent, greed-oriented film.

I've enjoyed this film for years, and seem to watch it about once a year. If you're a fan of Michael Douglas, this is a must-see. It's fun to see Charlie Sheen acting in a dramatic role and not looking like a fool, too.


Anonymous said...


this is truly a surprise. If only more people can hear about this little engine that could. Perhaps if our financial leaders could hear of this small, surprising film, they could learn that greed is good, and our markets will thrive.

o'doyle rules.

Anonymous said...

"nobody seemed to know or care that this was actually a sequel to a previous movie"

Uh, what? Every theater marquee had this as "Wall Street 2". I don't think anybody thought it was a new property.

Taylor said...

Well you apparently are living in areas where people aren't stupid. I honestly didn't know one person who was interested in the sequel (besides my friends who loved the first film) who knew it was a sequel.

Anonymous said...


Does Odoyle rule? or does he not?

Anonymous said...

PS - if you need someone to write about actual netflix surprises (movies that people actually havent seen / heard of) i will be happy to write those posts for you, provided i can use the pen name of ODoyle

Taylor said...

I just don't understand why you're bent on stealing the joke from Billy Madison?


Christopher said...

I don't really want to see the new one, it just feels like one of those tacked on sequels that shouldn't be made. That laboof guy seems pretty good at that actually.

Anonymous said...

i'm not "stealing" a joke. it's an homage. it's not like i think "hey, i'm going to trick everyone on a movie blog into thinking i made up a joke from a movie that everyone has seen!"

Why do you think that people who read a movie blog have never seen movies? What unknown classic are you going to unveil this week? How about "The Godfather"? When will this Brando cat get a shot at the big stage?

Taylor said...

"O'Doyle" partook in physical humor, not linguistic, sardonic humor. Therefore, it's not really an appropriate homage, is it?

Anonymous said...

O'Doyle is a family of bullies, not just one person. also, an homage is anything that shows respect or pays tribute, it doesn't have to be an exact copy, in which case it WOULD be stealing.


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