RiffTrax: Streaming on Netflix?

If you're anything like me (and I know at least some of you are) you're a big fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, aptly abbreviated MST3K.

I grew up loving MST3K, watching it on satellite TV every chance I could when I was a kid. I loved the fact that these hilarious guys could key in on just about every single thing that was funny about a movie and exploit it for laughs.

The show was simplistic in nature, running from 1988 to 1999. It featured a man and two robots, who would visibly be seated in front of a screen, forced into watching an old, horrible movie by whatever villain was on the show at the time.

The show spurred a cult following, and still to this day is renown as being one of the funniest television shows of all time. I know that there are probably many people out there that can talk about how much they love the show as well, but the focus of this post isn't necessarily meant to talk about MST3K (of which you can find plenty of episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 streaming on Netflix HERE).

The point of this blog post is to bring attention to a recent Tweet that Kevin Murphy posted on Twitter. Click to actually see the Tweet here:
Riff lovers! Want to help us get some of our stuff streaming on Netflix? Go here! Do this! http://on.fb.me/18FkLl
RiffTrax involves the cast we grew to love from Mystery Science Theater 3000! Yes, MST3K is basically back, only it's called RiffTrax now, and doesn't necessarily involve robots.

Posted on RiffTrax's Facebook page is the following messsage:

According to NetFlix, our DVDs don't have enough demand to warrant putting them on NetFlix Watch Instantly. So we need your help! If you have a NetFlix account - visit this link, and add some of our DVDs to your Queue. If everyone adds some (or all) of our DVDs to their Queues, it will tell NetFlix that we're serious. Thanks!

So, it appears that if we MST3K fans would like Netflix to begin streaming RiffTrax, we must do our part! Click HERE to add the RiffTrax episodes in hopes that Netflix gets the message!


Eric Spiegel said...

I assume you're aware of Cinematic Titanic as well. That's the off-shoot similar to RiffTrax that is ran by Joel from MST3k and other MST3k actors. They have some of their items on Netflix as well.

Christopher said...

I loved MST3K, in fact my friends and I get together from time to time and watch bad movies while imbibed and it essentially becomes MST3K but with more profanity.

Anonymous said...

So Netflix is claiming there was "demand" for all of the crap that is already available to stream?

ManoDogs said...

I thought I'd seen a Cinematic Titanic title on Netflix before as well, but a quick search proved me wrong; Netflix does not appear to carry anything by Cinematic Titanic. A search for "Cinematic Titanic" turned-up nothing, anyway.

Eric Spiegel said...

@ManoDogs My bad, I thought they had some up there at one time, but I guess I was mistaken. They're still great to check out for any MST3k fan though.

amyers28081 said...

If Netflix is being reluctant they should talk to Hulu about getting it on their Plus service. The Criterion deal makes it look like Hulu is more willing to talk than Netflix.

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