Mars Attacks: Netflix Surprises

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If I told you there was a movie starring Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Fox, Sylvia Sidney, Natalie Portman, and Jack Black, you'd probably say, "If a movie had that kind of a cast, I'm sure I'd know about it. Must not exist!"

But alas, it does exist, and that ensemble cast is in a movie about aliens that have come from Mars who have lasers that zap and kill us. And that's pretty much the extent of the storyline.

Not hooked yet? It was directed by Tim Burton (before he got all washed up and started pumping out the boring stuff he puts out today).

This movie was one of the movies I grew up with. It's irrational and stupid, which is what you're supposed to take it as. Its satire is pretty obvious from the get-go and I can't honestly imagine anyone who would take it seriously.

If you're in the mood for a movie that's stupid and so dumb it's funny, this might be the thing to add to your queue. I haven't watched this movie in a few years, so I imagine when I finally get around to streaming it again, I'll find myself reminiscing a lot, as I expect a lot of nostalgia feelings!


Anonymous said...

tim burton still makes good movies sometimes. corpse bride was awesome.


Christopher said...

I looooooooove this movie. Anytime I need a silly pick me up on a saturday afternoon it goes in. Great choice.

Anonymous said...

...and a score by Danny Elfman.

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