Lie to Me: Netflix Surprises

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Usually when a new not-animated television show comes to Fox, I'm quick to dismiss it. They don't really have a good track record (to say the least), and usually when they have something decent, they cancel it before it has a chance.

Well, I'm a big fan of the movie Reservoir Dogs, so the fact that Tim Roth was in this new series, it caught my attention. I gave it a shot when I saw it on Hulu, and I actually thought it was pretty good!

The show is about a behavioral scientist with the ability to tell when people are lying by his intense attention to detail in body language. He owns a company that freelances consultation to people who need to find out when someone is lying, and it's a pretty fun TV show.

I know a lot of the stuff from the show is technically true in theory, and that creates another layer of the fun. It's kind of exciting to see if you can see the "tell-tale" signs they speak of in the show before the main characters do.

The series is actually pretty well written, and I found the episodes I watched to be incredibly intriguing. I'd give it a shot if you have an interest in crime dramas!


Anonymous said...

hey guys, check out this crazy new network called Fox! must be some kind of hidden gem of a TV network.

Good to see the little guy getting a shot.

PS have you heard of this new upstart called CBS? If they make a show it then we will have found the ultimate hidden gem.

Christopher said...

I've actually been on the fence about whether to watch this for the same reasons as you said. Maybe I'll give it a try though.

Brian said...

I like the premise of this show a lot. The first season was pretty good, but the writing went downhill in the second season. They have even repeated plots. "Dr. Lightman gets himself admitted to a psychiatric hospital and questions his own sanity." And they have done cults twice where the male cult leader has multiple wives who are afraid to leave.

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