I Am Comic: Netflix Surprises

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I'm not too keen on documentaries, but I've always been fascinated by the ins and outs of stand-up comedy. I've always thought that it must take a lot of work to be able to do stand-up, and this movie really reinforced a lot of the stuff I already assumed about the vocation. That's why I decided to sit down and give this doc a shot.

The movie itself follows a couple of retired comedians, and we witness as Ritch Shydner readies himself to once again brave the stage that he used to own in his heyday. Apparently he was a famous comedian years ago.

In going along, the movie interviews an assortment of different famous (and not so famous) stand-up comedians, who, for better or worse, talk about how hard it was to do comedy for a living. We hear a lot about the hardships that one must take in order to make a living in the field, and the types of living conditions it takes to go on tour.

The movie was a fun look into a world that we don't seem to know a lot about, especially considering the fact that we've pretty much all seen a stand-up comedy routine at some point or another. The movie shows that, while there's nothing like the adrenaline rush of the stage, there's an entire world of work and effort that goes into the profession.

When you see the HBO hour-long special, that's the hour that got through all the filters of audiences not laughing at previous routines. Being a stand-up comedian seems scary.


Anonymous said...

Love the hard hitting commentary here: "being a stand up comedian sounds scary!"

Stay tuned for Taylarr's other observations like "being a flight attendant would mean handing out lots of peanuts!"

Christopher said...

sounds like an interesting choice, i'll have to give it a look

Truck said...

I heard about this on the Doug Loves Movies podcast the other day so I went home and queued it up. It wasn't until about halfway through that I realized I had seen it months ago on Showtime. That doesn't say much for the lasting value of this doc. I wish they had done more with Todd Glass et al on setting up a room for stand up, but it was mostly trying to ride the recent wave of documentaries where they get a delusional person and follow him around for entertainment.

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