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Anyone who knows anything about street art whatsoever knows of the famous "Banksy."

Banksy is an infamous street artist, world renowned for his complexities and creativity in doing street art. Instead of simply being "graffiti," Banksy is known for taking things to an entire other level. He's known for his political, social, and satirical themes, and if you don't know about him, the movie can help educate you on the subject.

The key here is that nobody knows who Banksy is for sure. Even though he's been doing art for so long, his identity has yet to be confirmed.

In comes Thierry Guetta, who, for better or worse, has been filming street artists for many years now. Thierry is well-versed in the goings-on at night, when street artists are out doing their work, and at one point in time, managed to get knowledge that Banksy was nearby.

He contacted and met up with Banksy, and Banksy began to let him begin documenting his work. The aspect that makes this movie so great is the fact that, in the end, Banksy realized that Theirry Guetta's story (of documenting many other street artists) was actually much more interesting than just a story on him.

The movie is incredibly layered for a documentary, and after it was finished, I was flabbergasted by what I just watched. I don't want to say any more about the movie itself, because it's a fun ride (and this is coming from someone who's not too keen on documentaries).

After you've finished, I absolutely recommend you do some research on your own about the movie. It makes it that much better.


Christopher said...

A friend of mine demanded I watch this, I'll probably get to it this weekend.

Eric Spiegel said...

Easily in my top 5 films from last year. Amazing work and baffling at the same time. Its message about modern art is fascinating.

Truck said...
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Taylor said...

Sorry Truck, you gave away a little too much information about the movie. I deleted your comment and I'm reposting it here without a spoiler:

Great film, and [spoiler]. I definitely could have done without the interviews at the end with everybody summarizing the movie we just saw. It just dragged on and on.

Prozac said...

LOVED the movie...I have strong feelings on what this movie is about but don't want to spoil it. Very entertaining and a must watch. I agree...google all the names in this movie and that will be as entertaining as the film itself.

InstaFlicka said...

EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP is never dull, flows over with great footage and captures an art movement on film better than has ever been done before.

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