Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Netflix Surprises (television)

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I was a huge fan of The West Wing. I thought the show was amazingly crafted, not only because of the marvelous acting, but the superb story arches of the plot lines and fitting dialogue.

My liking of that show sparked my interest indefinitely in anything Aaron Sorkin touches, which is why I was so excited for his new movie "The Social Network" (by the way, if you haven't seen that yet, you should as soon as possible).

Anyway, I recently discovered that as soon as The West Wing finished, Sorkin created Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, a show about the ins and outs of a "Saturday Night Live," only not SNL, because it's based in Los Angeles and plays on Friday nights.. see, it's different and stuff!

But it's quite different from 30 Rock in this regard, because the tone is basically the same as The West Wing's. It's serious, and the subject matter is always subtly funny (as opposed to a lot of the slapstick stuff on 30 Rock - which I love also).

I was bummed when I finished the 22nd streaming episode of Studio 60, because I discovered the show wasn't renewed past that ep. It's too bad, too. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are great as the leads, being backed by a cast of familiar faces from prior Aaron Sorkin projects.

If you watched The West Wing or appreciate good writing, the show is great. I really enjoyed it, and I really wish they would have had the chance to create more shows. I would have really liked to see where some of the characters' lives headed. At least the final episode in the series gave a lot of resolution.

Add it to your Netflix Instant queue and give it a shot!


Plumbob said...

I've been trying to watch this for two weeks but whenever I try it says 'please wait' which I do forever, and then another box says 'content unavailable." Must have tried 10 times, same thing.

Taylor said...

That's very strange. What browser are you using?

Kristen said...

One of my favorite TV shows. So sad when it was cancelled!

Rob said...

Sports Night is also an excellent show that ended too early...

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