New Year's Eve Movies Streaming on Netflix

Just as we did on Christmas, here's the list of all the movies you can watch on or around New Year's Eve! A lot of these movies only have a small aspect of the movie revolving around a New Year's celebration, but that's still enough of an excuse to watch it this holiday. I hope I managed to find them all, I had to do some research but I think I found most of them.

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When I first sat down to write this blog post, no other movie came to my mind when thinking about "New Year's Eve" movies other than "When Harry Met Sally." The movie stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as old college friends who always seem to get together on New Year's Eve. I'm usually not one for romantic comedies, but I really enjoyed this one because it's quick, witty, and honest. I enjoyed this movie even watching it outside of December.
I've had this movie in my Instant Queue since it became available for streaming and haven't gotten along to watching it quite yet. In doing my research, I discovered that there's a crucial scene where the two main characters, played by Hugh Grant and Rachel Weisz, sit together at a New Year's Eve party. I'm going to try to watch it before the month is up!

Someone Like You involves New Year's Eve as a critical point in the plot. Apparently, the main character (played by Ashley Judd) realizes her true feelings for her friend (Hugh Jackman) on New Year's.

Another Meg Ryan movie, this time opposite Tom Hanks. In this movie, Tom Hanks' character has a critical dream sequence in which it's New Year's Eve and he has a resolving discussion with his deceased wife. Of course, this is a rather famous romantic comedy, and there's not many people out there who haven't seen it.

With a cast starting Jeff Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer, I'm surprised I've never seen this movie. There is a scene in which New Year's Eve occurs in this movie, and of course, it's a romantic comedy so I can only assume there's romance involved.

Apparently, the scene in which the shark attacks (spoiler alert?) in this movie, there is a New Year's Eve celebration going on. Outside of that, likely not too much New Year's action.
As the clock ticks down to zero, there's going to be a murder! Or, at least that seems to be the plot line to this movie. The bad guy in this film promises to kill someone as the New Year is brought in within each different time zone.

Somebody slips someone else some LSD in this horror film based around New Year's Eve, and after the characters get into a car accident, they're stuck in the woods! But, could those LSD hallucinations be real stalkers!?

That's it for now. Hope you enjoy the list and manage to stream one or two before New Year's Eve to get in the spirit! Let me know if you know of something I missed!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like we've got a similar taste in films Taylor.
I love Jaws 3,When Harry Met Sally,Sleepless In Seattle and The Fabulous Baker Boys.
You really should try and watch 'Baker Boys if you've never seen it,although it's not a romantic comedy it does have Michelle Pfeiffer singing on top of a piano on New Years Eve!
See you later:)

Anonymous said...

You left off Meet John Doe!

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