Death to Smoochy: Netflix Surprises

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Edward Norton is one of my favorite actors. Robin Williams is one of my favorite comedians. Couple them together, and what do you get? Pure awesome.

Death to Smoochy might be a little different than a lot of comedies out there, but that's what makes it so awesome. I'm a pretty big fan of dark comedies, and that's probably one of the reasons I like this film so much.

This movie was directed by Danny Devito, and centers around the high-stakes world of children's television. Robin Williams' character is the most famous children's television show host in the country, but something goes awry to make him lose his job, only to be replaced by Edward Norton's character. Robin Williams doesn't like this idea very much and plots revenge.

The simplicity of the plot line for a dark comedy featuring some of the most high-caliber actors in Hollywood should be reason enough to add it to your queue, but if you really need me to say it - yes, this movie is funny. I know that when it first came out I loved it, and I'm going to love it again when I stream it from my Xbox 360 again this week.

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