Avatar: The Last Airbender: Netflix Surprises

Click to stream (the first season of) the television show here!

Avatar was one of those television shows that a bunch of my friends had been talking about for years, but I never gave a chance because of the fact that it was on Nickelodeon and was an anime (a Japanese-style of animation) show. I've never really been a fan of anime (I mean seriously, the animation isn't THAT great) and really, how many good things have there actually been on Nickelodeon this decade? Hmmm?

Anyway, my friends always talked about how awesome this TV show was, and I finally gave in a couple months ago, seeing as it was on Netflix streaming. Granted, it was everything I expected from an animation standpoint, but I was shocked at how deep the plot line of the show actually was.

This is a show made for kids, yes. But just because something is made for children doesn't mean it can't be emotionally and philosophically deep, as well as legitimately funny at times. This show was surprisingly complex, and I don't really understand how it became so popular with kids, seeing that you really have to watch the shows in episodic order to really get a full grasp of the story.

Alas, it was extremely popular, and for good reason. In fact, it's so good that it's even an Emmy winner. Yeah, a show from Nickelodeon won an Emmy.

If you're a fan of anime at all, of course you're going to like it. If not, it's still worth giving a shot if you enjoy a good episodic television show that, although written for children, has a lot of depth.


Anonymous said...

My boss told me about this show this year. It is probably the best thing that I've watched. Like, ever. Seriously.

Christopher said...

I caught this too and was completely blown away by the quality of it. I usually complain about how kids cartoons generally suck nowadays and aren't nearly as good as when I was a kid. When I watched this I realized this wasn't always the case, phenomenal show.

Joe said...

Can't stand anime, and have never found an anime show worth while, but maybe I'll give it a shot.

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