The Vanishing: Netflix Surprises

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I really, really like thrillers. I love the way my hands get sweaty and my pulse rages. I love the way my adrenaline pounds and I sit at the edge of my seat, waiting in anticipation for the next event to take place on screen.

I haven't felt this way while watching a movie in awhile. The hard thing about today's world of movies is that every thriller nowadays has to be an R-rated gore-fest of the likes of the Saw sequels and so forth (note - the first Saw movie was excellent).

The film I watched last night, The Vanishing, made me feel these feelings. It was great!

Granted, the movie is dated a little bit in terms of quality (it didn't even show up on widescreen on my Xbox 360), but the acting is absolutely superb. Jeff Bridges plays one of the creepiest, most horrifying characters I've seen in a long time in this film, and Kiefer Sutherland, Nancy Travis, and Sandra Bullock really pull it all together in a great way.

The pacing is amazing, and although some might think that some of the actions by some of the characters are stupid at times, I ignore those outcries because the story itself was fun and exciting. I would absolutely recommend you add it to your queue and stream it as soon as you can, because it's apparently going to be expiring soon from streaming.

It's movies like this, of which I probably would have never rented a "hard copy" of, that make me realize how amazing Netflix's Watch Instant service really is. I wouldn't have taken a chance on it if it hadn't been so easily accessible, but because it was, I was able to enjoy it (and rate it five stars).

Edit: Many of our readers are recommending the original "The Vanishing" as well, which also happens to be streaming on Netflix Watch Instant. Click here for it!


Richard said...

Nice pick, although I personally prefer the original:

Anonymous said...

lame remake. worse than nikita remake.

cybermaven said...

The original version was far superior and has not dated at all. It is timeless, memorable and haunting.

Eric ZORK Alan said...

Indeed, the original is BRILLIANT with a classic & PERFECT ending. The remake is brutalized with a Hollywood ending that destroys the whole point of the movie.... Think cats & curiosity.
-- Eric ZORK Alan [National Slam Poet]
-- Professional poet & BED VLOGGER
-- iamNOTapoet . com

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