Thankskilling: Netflix Surprises

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Okay, so first of all, take this suggestion with a grain of salt. I do not, under any circumstance, want to claim that this movie is good. I'm suggesting this film for a few reasons, but not because it is good.

That being said, this movie is AWESOME. We had someone recommend this movie within the comments section of a post a few weeks ago, and even after just hearing the title, I knew it was going to be a fantastic experience.

Keep in mind, when I describe this movie with such adjectives as "awesome" and "watchable," I'm speaking in a relatively facetious manner. This movie is straight up one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen, but it's incredibly fun to watch if you are hanging out with friends.

The movie itself is about a legendary turkey who was alive during the original Thanksgiving. At that time, a turkey was cursed to kill all "white people." The movie starts off (with some completely unnecessarily nudity - which is hilarious in how distasteful it is) in a scene during this time, and the killings start swiftly.

The movie itself looks absolutely horrible. It looks like a bunch of freshmen college kids got together, took a standard definition camera, and decided to just make up a movie as they went along. This is the thing that makes the movie so watchable: because it's so very obviously not supposed to be taken seriously.

The murderous turkey has a hilarious gangster-type accent (is that what they sounded like hundreds of years ago?) and it brings so much more to the table to be able to hear him throw out quips and one-liners before killing people.

I'm suggesting this movie because I enjoyed it. But I must warn that it would likely be no fun to watch if you were watching it by yourself. If you decide to watch, watch it with others, simply so that you have someone to make fun of the movie with. If you do that, you're going to enjoy the movie a lot.

Also, it's Thanksgiving season, and this can be something else to add to your holiday spirit!



Miss Jessie said...

Hahaha greatest most terribl movie to watch ever. You don't get bored because it is so damn hilarious! I recommend it to gnarly.

Anonymous said...

Oh I started to watch it last year for Thanksgiving. Like I said.. Started... But my step son loves it!!

Christopher said...

I've got a similar blog to yours I started about a month and ago and I have to say we have similar tastes. I just reviewed this one for thanksgiving and had a good time with you. It's one of those movies that some drunk or stoned dudes got messed up one night and thought up but then when they sobered up actually stuck with it. Movies like this are why I love streaming netflix. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

It was funny, in a bad way, but not watchable a second time. Someone needs to make a 10-minute or so clip which only features the turkey's scenes and one-liners, which contained every genuine laugh in the movie. Everything else is pretty much unwatchably awful.

Anonymous said...

It actually was made by a group of college kids

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