Moon: Netflix Surprises

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Moon is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's a not only one of the best streaming science fiction movies on Netflix Watch Instantly, but it's one of the best movies period.

This film is about a man (played by Sam Rockwell) who is currently working on a base on the moon. Him and his robot buddy (voiced by Kevin Spacey) have been living there and working alone for three years now, mining a certain type of mineral that's very useful on Earth.

He's nearing the end of his three-year stint, and all of a sudden he's starting to see and experience really weird things. I'm not going to say any more than this in describing the movie, because any more might spoil it for people who haven't seen it.

I had some friends who went and saw this movie in theaters, and they always told me I'd love it. Usually when my expectations are set that high for a movie, it's really hard to watch a movie and enjoy it.

Well, this was one of those movies that met my expectations. It's a really cerebral type of thriller, and what makes it so much better is that basically Sam Rockwell is the only character seen throughout most of the movie. He really shows his true acting talent in this film because of it.

Go add it to your Instant Queue. After writing about it right now, I kind of want to go and add it again myself, because I really did enjoy it that much. It's probably in my top 10 favorite movies, and hopefully after saying so many good things about it, I haven't gotten your expectations unreasonably high.


smackphat said...

This was one of those movies that the moment the credits rolled I immediately started it over. I've done that less than half a dozen times with movies in my nearly 30 years on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Moon is absolutely excellent.

Dorri732 said...

I've had this in my instant queue for a while now and finally watched it based on your recommendation. Excellent movie. Thanks!

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