The Iron Giant: Netflix Surprises

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The Iron Giant got 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. If that's not enough to encourage you to watch this movie, hear it from me: this movie is astounding.

This film is undoubtedly designed for young children. It's a cartoon, and the main character is a child. The child finds a big (giant) metal machine that fell from the sky, and realizes that he can pretty easily communicate with it (after some work).

The town that the child lives in is horrified of the machine/robot. This is mainly due to the fact that they don't see him for a majority of the time, but only see the wreckage that he accidentally leaves behind when he does simple tasks like walk around.

The child realizes very quickly that he must do everything he can to help the robot because it has no intention of harming anyone or anything.

The movie deals with a lot of different adult-oriented themes, stemming from discrimination to relationship building to violence and warfare. But it's all done in a simplistic way that's heartfelt and endearing. Even as an adult, I can go back and watch this movie and enjoy it, because of the deep-seeded messages (that don't get all in your face).

If you have kids, this is a perfect streaming movie on Netflix for them. If you don't mind animation, it's great. This was one of the first movies I streamed on my Netflix Watch Instant account, and I might watch it again soon.

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