The Count of Monte Cristo: Netflix Surprises

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If you like revenge plot lines, you're not going to get much better than the monstrously historic story of The Count of Monte Cristo. Luckily for us, it just so happens to be on Netflix Streaming.

I had to read this story in high school in one of my AP English classes, and I remember thinking that, for a really old story, it still held firm as a pretty fun and exciting story.

The story involves a man named Edmond Dantes, who is imprisoned on an island due to some stuff that he didn't actually do. Since you know this is a revenge story already, you can pretty much figure he gets out of the prison in some way at some point in the story, and then therefore proceeds to exact revenge.

What I like most about this story is the meticulous way that the main character goes about planning and implementing his actions.While watching, you seem to really feel the sense of accomplishment Edmond Dantes feels.

I liked the book, and I liked the film as well. If you like revenge stories, it's excellent, but if you don't like movies based more than a hundred years ago, you might not like it. I recommend giving it a shot and streaming the movie, but you already know that because you're reading my blog.



Anonymous said...

I watch this movie a LOT.

BTW the characters name is Edmond Dantes.

Taylor said...

Thanks, it's fixed now!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have never seen better than this site.

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