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What would it be like if we made contact with aliens? Would it be like Independence Day, where they came and attacked us? Would it be like Men in Black where they try to work for us? Would it be like District 9, where they need our help?

No, it would probably be a really slow process that involved a lot of thought and effort in order to communicate. And what would be the repercussions of communication from a governmental perspective? Would there need to be a governmentally okay-ed response? Who is going to pay for all of this?

Contact is the most realistic science fiction aliens movie I have ever seen. Not in the sense that it's a boring movie (it's not at all), but because of the sensible means in which everything is tactfully gone about.

In this movie, Jodie Foster's character grows up always being obsessed with anything having to do with space or the stars. She grows up to become an astronomer, and after learning all about her back story, we watch as she's listening in for sounds of outer space and she hears something. It's a rhythmic pattern that had to have been created or designed in some way. By someone or something.

Since I already pretty much gave it away, we find out that it's aliens. But I don't want to give away any more than I have already. All I really want to demonstrate is that this movie is thought-provoking, realistic, and has a lot of deep-seated extended metaphors that really make the story in and of itself superb. I absolutely love the movie, and have ranked it within my top five favorite movies (overall) before. I like it that much, but obviously, I'm a pretty big fan of science-fictions (see: other posts).

I recommend adding it to your Instant Queue and streaming it sometime if you're in the mood for a genuinely good streaming sci-fi movie, but if you're not a science fiction fan, it's enough of a simple drama to be completely watchable (and likable).


Anonymous said...

dude this sucked

Anonymous said...

Deep-seeded is not a word. Try Deep-seated!!

Taylor said...

Fixed misspelling, thanks.

First person, why did you think it sucked?

Anonymous said...

Even without going into spoilers, it would be more accurate to say that the first three quarters of the movie was realistic. Last quarter? Not so much. -- James M.

asmiller-ke6seh said...

I was dissapointed with the ending; Carl Sagan had it end with our heroine finding a message hidden in the value of Pi (3.1415 etcetera). Also, there where other people who went on the intergalactic voyage. They met beings from other places in the universe. There was so much more in the last third of the book which was ommitted and glossed over in the movie.

Still, it is a beautiful movie. Well acted. Emotional. A good mystery and a good love story. Some of what makes this a very fine movie is too subtle for the average movie goer (in my humble opinion). RECOMMENDED

Anonymous said...

What is realistic about this movie? The fact that they built a gajillion dollar machine to communicate with aliens, that was destroyed and there was another secret gajillion dollar machine that made for a back up.

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