Bad movies on Netflix - Worst movies on Netflix

If you're anything like me, sometimes you're simply in the mood for a bad movie. Meaning, something that is seriously bad, while seriously trying hard to be good.

I get in these moods a lot of times when my friends and I are hanging out, and we want something to make fun of for an easy laugh, and I imagine a lot of other Netflix Streaming fans are the same. (If there are any people out there who like to sit and watch bad movies by themselves... why?)

The other night my friends and I decided we wanted to stream something stupid, so we began searching Watch Instant for the dumbest sounding name for a movie we could find. We landed on this gem: Mega Piranha.

This film's most famous actor was one of the kids on Brady Bunch.

Now, I'm not saying that a movie with no-named actors is a bad thing, for instance, District 9 was astounding (I haven't written about it yet because I felt it was too easy of a "surprise," and right now I'm sticking to stuff you might not have heard of or been recommended yet). But when your film has nothing going for it except having a dude from the Brady Bunch in it, you've got some issues.

We gave the movie a shot, and after awhile, gave up. It was simply too stupid to be able to watch. (Aka we got bored making of fun of it).

Do any of you do this? I'd like to hear about some of the BAD movies that others have tried watching, and if they were able to get through them. It can be pretty tough to finish some streams!


Anonymous said...

For Canadian thanksgiving (it's in October) we watched Thankskilling. It's about a possessed Turkey from the pilgrim days (who appears to be from the ghetto by his voice) who is released on modern times to rape and murder college students. A new holiday classic.

JK said...

Don't forget Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus, featuring the "acting" talents of Deb Gibson and Lorezno Lamas. It's truly terrible. 50-cent special effects.

Prozac said...

THe boys next door I think its called...what an awful yet funny film. With lines like "hump my stump to a bloody lump" yelled out by the characters as they are driving around crusing.

Prozac said...

Thanks to the guys who mentioned Thankskilling...its streaming on NF. Looks insane. Will see it very soon. Had no idea this movie existed.

Taylor said...

Link to Thankskilling:

Link to Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus:

Keep 'em coming if you got 'em!

Matt Varney said...

I watched Thankskilling with my roommate a few weeks ago then again last week with another friend.

It's pretty awesome. It's nice that it is only an hour long though. 90 minutes would have gotten rough.

Taylor said...

I watched ThanksKilling tonight. Although it could have been done better (I mean, other than in the obvious ways), I still want to thank you guys for suggesting it. It's quite amazing.

Phil Kight said...

I watched a really bad movie called Stranded, it had two people I recognized, Bruce Willis' girl friend from Pulp Fiction, and the guy that played Filix whats his name from Clear and Present Danger. It was painful sitting through it, but I had to watch just because I liked the story.

Adam Emanoff said...

Netflix is becoming a great add-on for our B-Movie Horrorfest. Some recent flicks:
Zombiethon is just that, a collection of zombie kills from all sorts of old movies. Some nice variety and kind of fun since there really isn't any flow between the clips.


Typical toxic waste meets nature movie: Empire of the Ants:

Anonymous said...

Troll 2 is by far the worst movie Netflix Instant has to offer.

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