Air Force One: Netflix Surprises

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In honor of election day (by the way, you better go vote today), I've decided to suggest a movie with some sort of political affiliation. Meaning it has a President as the main character. Whatever.

Air Force One is one of those movies that's so much fun as long as you don't take it incredibly seriously. It's an action-packed thriller, and by the end you're going to really be glad they chose Harrison Ford as the president. It just works.

In all honesty, I got a pretty big "Indiana Jones" vibe from the movie (I wonder why...), but not just because it stars Ford, but because it's one of the films I can recall that has a lot of action that doesn't go absolutely overboard with it.

The movie itself is about a terrorist plot to overtake Air Force One, but there just so happens to be a badass President who doesn't want that to happen. It's a fun ride that I completely recommend if you're an action fan, Harrison Ford fan, or a fan of thrillers or mystery movies. I'm trying to be somewhat vague here because I hate reading "reviews" of movies only to have half the movie spoiled. I try very hard to not be "that guy."

So go add it to your Instant Queue and stream it off Netflix as soon as you get back from the voting booth!


Matt Varney said...

Get off my plane!

Phil Kight said...

the prison that the general is held in is the prison from Shawshank Redemption.

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