Top 10 Science Fiction Movies on Netflix Instant - November 2010

Well it should be pretty obvious by now that I slacked quite a bit on getting a bunch of my current favorite streaming movies lists by genre up for the month of November. Here's my latest streaming Sci-fi and Fantasy movie Top 10 list for the month, just in the nick of time.

1. Moon

I've never really understood the need to also have the word "Fantasy" in next to "sci-fi." Isn't all science fiction fantasy?

Streaming Soon on Netflix - December 2010

Here is a list of some of the movies that will be streaming on Netflix Instant starting next month. Like always, there are hundreds upon hundreds of streaming movies that will become available starting next month, but listed below are the streaming movies that I found notable enough to be worth mentioning here!

All the Friday the 13th movies are also returning to Netflix in December. Does anybody like those?

Comcast & Netflix. Tolls, Fees, & Net Neutrality

The New York Times is reporting that Comcast, in a huge move, is charging Level 3, (the company responsible for the process of actually getting Netflix movies and television shows transmitted) huge fees due to the amount of traffic they've generated.

From the article:

Level 3 Communications, a central partner in the Netflix online movie service, accused Comcast on Monday of charging a new fee that puts Internet video companies at a competitive disadvantage.
Level 3, which helps to deliver Netflix’s streaming movies, said Comcast had effectively erected a tollbooth that “threatens the open Internet,” and indicated that it would seek government intervention. Comcast quickly denied that the clash had anything to do with network neutrality, instead calling it “a simple commercial dispute.”

This brings up a huge set of issues dealing with Net Neutrality, for as one can see, this puts Netflix at a huge competitive disadvantage and allows Comcast to easily move ahead with their own streaming services (at lower prices).

Please support Netflix and support Net Neutrality! I love Netflix streaming and I know you do too. This is a threat to Netflix, Netflix Watch Instant streaming, and the Internet as a whole. If we want the Internet to continue being a place where companies like Netflix can still exist, we must hope that Comcast retracts these fees.

Funniest Movies on Netflix (Top 10) - November 2010

I was looking through the comedy section on Netflix today and realized I hadn't made a Top 10 list for comedy movies (nor pretty much any other category on Netflix) for the month of November yet. I'm trying to not pay attention to previous lists when I develop new lists, so that that they can be as organic as possible, and hopefully my lists can differentiate.

Here is the list of my Top 10 Current Favorite comedies and/or funny movies that are currently streaming on Netflix Instant streaming. Feel free to add them to your queue. Hold your mouse over the title to get Netflix's description of the flick, and see if it sounds like something you'd like to stream!

If you want, you can see last month's list of Top 10 Funniest Movies on Netflix that I made. I wonder how similar it is to this...

Thankskilling: Netflix Surprises

Click to stream the movie on Netflix here!

Okay, so first of all, take this suggestion with a grain of salt. I do not, under any circumstance, want to claim that this movie is good. I'm suggesting this film for a few reasons, but not because it is good.

That being said, this movie is AWESOME. We had someone recommend this movie within the comments section of a post a few weeks ago, and even after just hearing the title, I knew it was going to be a fantastic experience.

Keep in mind, when I describe this movie with such adjectives as "awesome" and "watchable," I'm speaking in a relatively facetious manner. This movie is straight up one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen, but it's incredibly fun to watch if you are hanging out with friends.

The movie itself is about a legendary turkey who was alive during the original Thanksgiving. At that time, a turkey was cursed to kill all "white people." The movie starts off (with some completely unnecessarily nudity - which is hilarious in how distasteful it is) in a scene during this time, and the killings start swiftly.

The movie itself looks absolutely horrible. It looks like a bunch of freshmen college kids got together, took a standard definition camera, and decided to just make up a movie as they went along. This is the thing that makes the movie so watchable: because it's so very obviously not supposed to be taken seriously.

The murderous turkey has a hilarious gangster-type accent (is that what they sounded like hundreds of years ago?) and it brings so much more to the table to be able to hear him throw out quips and one-liners before killing people.

I'm suggesting this movie because I enjoyed it. But I must warn that it would likely be no fun to watch if you were watching it by yourself. If you decide to watch, watch it with others, simply so that you have someone to make fun of the movie with. If you do that, you're going to enjoy the movie a lot.

Also, it's Thanksgiving season, and this can be something else to add to your holiday spirit!


The Goods is Horrible - My First Really Bad Netflix Surprise


Well, I finally have a negative surprise to discuss that I found within a movie on Netflix.

First off, most of the films I watch on Netflix, I at least have some sort of background regarding. I usually check out Rotten Tomatoes to gauge whether or not the climate (it’s a metaphor, see!) is suggesting the movie is worth my two hours or not.

A lot of people don’t like to do this type of thing, because whether or not you want to, you inevitably place expectations onto the movie. If a majority of reviewers are stating that they believe the movie is amazing, it’s never going to live up to the hype. If reviewers are saying the movie is awful (or “rotten”), then you’re likely to think the movie was pretty good – or at least better than you thought it might be.

I usually do this, but not for this movie. When I see that a cast is stacked with a bunch of comedians I like, I expect it to be a little funny. Anything with Will Ferrell as the lead follows this rule, insofar as each of his movies have an aspect of enjoy-ability (not a word). Most Ben Stiller movies follow this rule too, no matter how stupid the film gets.

But not this movie. I’m an Entourage fan, but even I couldn’t stand Jeremy Piven in this movie (his charismatic character is pretty much the best part of Entourage, or at least it used to be before Entourage got all serious boring). Jeremy Piven in a charismatic comedic role just doesn’t work, and this movie proved it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was on the verge of smiling a few times in this movie, but for the most part, I kept turning on my Wii-mote and waving it in front of the TV to see how much time could possibly be left in the movie.

If you haven’t seen the movie and this is the first you’ve heard of it, watching it now might be awesome. I wish I had gotten some sort of hint of how bad the movie was before watching, because then I might have found it enjoyable. I really don’t like writing negative things about movies, but this is one case where I had very high hopes for a movie and it was NOTHING like I expected.

It’s available for streaming on Netflix, so if you are really aching to watch a movie that could have been awesome but didn’t turn out very well, go ahead and add it to your Instant Queue. But be warned, there are a lot of other better streaming movies to choose from. I'm just seriously pissed I wasted time on this movie.

Click to stream the movie here.

Top 10 Starz Movies on Netflix Streaming - November 2010

There are a TON of Starz movies that I could have selected from for this list. Because of that, this list should really give you a good idea of the types of movies I'm a fan of. As always this "Top 10" is more of a "current" type of list, as my favorites seem to be able to rearrange every so often. I'd love to see your list!

(Also - check it out! I put a script in so that when you hover over the title, you can add the title to your queue or play it instantly even easier!)

10. Up
1. Moon

Contact: Netflix Surprises

Click to stream the movie on Netflix here!

What would it be like if we made contact with aliens? Would it be like Independence Day, where they came and attacked us? Would it be like Men in Black where they try to work for us? Would it be like District 9, where they need our help?

No, it would probably be a really slow process that involved a lot of thought and effort in order to communicate. And what would be the repercussions of communication from a governmental perspective? Would there need to be a governmentally okay-ed response? Who is going to pay for all of this?

Contact is the most realistic science fiction aliens movie I have ever seen. Not in the sense that it's a boring movie (it's not at all), but because of the sensible means in which everything is tactfully gone about.

In this movie, Jodie Foster's character grows up always being obsessed with anything having to do with space or the stars. She grows up to become an astronomer, and after learning all about her back story, we watch as she's listening in for sounds of outer space and she hears something. It's a rhythmic pattern that had to have been created or designed in some way. By someone or something.

Since I already pretty much gave it away, we find out that it's aliens. But I don't want to give away any more than I have already. All I really want to demonstrate is that this movie is thought-provoking, realistic, and has a lot of deep-seated extended metaphors that really make the story in and of itself superb. I absolutely love the movie, and have ranked it within my top five favorite movies (overall) before. I like it that much, but obviously, I'm a pretty big fan of science-fictions (see: other posts).

I recommend adding it to your Instant Queue and streaming it sometime if you're in the mood for a genuinely good streaming sci-fi movie, but if you're not a science fiction fan, it's enough of a simple drama to be completely watchable (and likable).

Hemoine got Hot (My Reaction to New Harry Potter Movie)

I was bored right now and just saw an ad for the new Harry Potter movie and noticed that all the kids got old and grew up. This is a true story, I really haven't seen any of the Harry Potter movies since the first came out about a decade ago. I drew up this comic to somewhat express my reaction within the realization that they all are adults now (including Hermoine!).

I really wish the Harry Potter movies were streaming on Netflix Watch Instant so I could catch up, because everyone I know seems to be unable to talk about anything else besides the fact that the first half of the final story is about to be released. I'm not going to see it until I catch up!

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead: Netflix Surprises

Click to stream the movie on Netflix here!

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead is one of those movies that I'm absolutely astonished got no sort of Oscar buzz when it came out. This is one of the best acted films I've ever seen, and is one of the only movies I've ever really sought out for repeat viewings with the primary reason to watch the acting.

That's not to say the film doesn't have a great plot. I love heist movies, so this film really fits the bill for what I'd look for on Netflix streaming.

The two main characters in this film are played by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke. They come up with a great plan to rob a jewelry store, and have scoped the place out to such an extent that nothing could realistically go wrong. They've figured out what they want to steal and how to steal it, but something goes horribly wrong in the process.

This is a very dark movie, so please be aware before streaming that it's not incredibly "uplifting" (you'll fully understand once you watch the movie). But, keep in mind that it's movies like this that truly exemplify good acting. If you can really appreciate that, then this movie will be phenomenal to you. It's gripping, and, at least during the heist aspect of the film, had my heart pounding.

You should stream it on Netflix Watch Instantly if it sounds appealing to you. I've already watched the movie three times.

The Iron Giant: Netflix Surprises

Click to stream the movie on Netflix here!

The Iron Giant got 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. If that's not enough to encourage you to watch this movie, hear it from me: this movie is astounding.

This film is undoubtedly designed for young children. It's a cartoon, and the main character is a child. The child finds a big (giant) metal machine that fell from the sky, and realizes that he can pretty easily communicate with it (after some work).

The town that the child lives in is horrified of the machine/robot. This is mainly due to the fact that they don't see him for a majority of the time, but only see the wreckage that he accidentally leaves behind when he does simple tasks like walk around.

The child realizes very quickly that he must do everything he can to help the robot because it has no intention of harming anyone or anything.

The movie deals with a lot of different adult-oriented themes, stemming from discrimination to relationship building to violence and warfare. But it's all done in a simplistic way that's heartfelt and endearing. Even as an adult, I can go back and watch this movie and enjoy it, because of the deep-seeded messages (that don't get all in your face).

If you have kids, this is a perfect streaming movie on Netflix for them. If you don't mind animation, it's great. This was one of the first movies I streamed on my Netflix Watch Instant account, and I might watch it again soon.

Moon: Netflix Surprises

Click to stream the movie here!

Moon is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's a not only one of the best streaming science fiction movies on Netflix Watch Instantly, but it's one of the best movies period.

This film is about a man (played by Sam Rockwell) who is currently working on a base on the moon. Him and his robot buddy (voiced by Kevin Spacey) have been living there and working alone for three years now, mining a certain type of mineral that's very useful on Earth.

He's nearing the end of his three-year stint, and all of a sudden he's starting to see and experience really weird things. I'm not going to say any more than this in describing the movie, because any more might spoil it for people who haven't seen it.

I had some friends who went and saw this movie in theaters, and they always told me I'd love it. Usually when my expectations are set that high for a movie, it's really hard to watch a movie and enjoy it.

Well, this was one of those movies that met my expectations. It's a really cerebral type of thriller, and what makes it so much better is that basically Sam Rockwell is the only character seen throughout most of the movie. He really shows his true acting talent in this film because of it.

Go add it to your Instant Queue. After writing about it right now, I kind of want to go and add it again myself, because I really did enjoy it that much. It's probably in my top 10 favorite movies, and hopefully after saying so many good things about it, I haven't gotten your expectations unreasonably high.

The Count of Monte Cristo: Netflix Surprises

Click to stream the movie on Netflix HERE!

If you like revenge plot lines, you're not going to get much better than the monstrously historic story of The Count of Monte Cristo. Luckily for us, it just so happens to be on Netflix Streaming.

I had to read this story in high school in one of my AP English classes, and I remember thinking that, for a really old story, it still held firm as a pretty fun and exciting story.

The story involves a man named Edmond Dantes, who is imprisoned on an island due to some stuff that he didn't actually do. Since you know this is a revenge story already, you can pretty much figure he gets out of the prison in some way at some point in the story, and then therefore proceeds to exact revenge.

What I like most about this story is the meticulous way that the main character goes about planning and implementing his actions.While watching, you seem to really feel the sense of accomplishment Edmond Dantes feels.

I liked the book, and I liked the film as well. If you like revenge stories, it's excellent, but if you don't like movies based more than a hundred years ago, you might not like it. I recommend giving it a shot and streaming the movie, but you already know that because you're reading my blog.


The Vanishing: Netflix Surprises

Click to stream the movie here!

I really, really like thrillers. I love the way my hands get sweaty and my pulse rages. I love the way my adrenaline pounds and I sit at the edge of my seat, waiting in anticipation for the next event to take place on screen.

I haven't felt this way while watching a movie in awhile. The hard thing about today's world of movies is that every thriller nowadays has to be an R-rated gore-fest of the likes of the Saw sequels and so forth (note - the first Saw movie was excellent).

The film I watched last night, The Vanishing, made me feel these feelings. It was great!

Granted, the movie is dated a little bit in terms of quality (it didn't even show up on widescreen on my Xbox 360), but the acting is absolutely superb. Jeff Bridges plays one of the creepiest, most horrifying characters I've seen in a long time in this film, and Kiefer Sutherland, Nancy Travis, and Sandra Bullock really pull it all together in a great way.

The pacing is amazing, and although some might think that some of the actions by some of the characters are stupid at times, I ignore those outcries because the story itself was fun and exciting. I would absolutely recommend you add it to your queue and stream it as soon as you can, because it's apparently going to be expiring soon from streaming.

It's movies like this, of which I probably would have never rented a "hard copy" of, that make me realize how amazing Netflix's Watch Instant service really is. I wouldn't have taken a chance on it if it hadn't been so easily accessible, but because it was, I was able to enjoy it (and rate it five stars).

Edit: Many of our readers are recommending the original "The Vanishing" as well, which also happens to be streaming on Netflix Watch Instant. Click here for it!

Bad movies on Netflix - Worst movies on Netflix

If you're anything like me, sometimes you're simply in the mood for a bad movie. Meaning, something that is seriously bad, while seriously trying hard to be good.

I get in these moods a lot of times when my friends and I are hanging out, and we want something to make fun of for an easy laugh, and I imagine a lot of other Netflix Streaming fans are the same. (If there are any people out there who like to sit and watch bad movies by themselves... why?)

The other night my friends and I decided we wanted to stream something stupid, so we began searching Watch Instant for the dumbest sounding name for a movie we could find. We landed on this gem: Mega Piranha.

This film's most famous actor was one of the kids on Brady Bunch.

Now, I'm not saying that a movie with no-named actors is a bad thing, for instance, District 9 was astounding (I haven't written about it yet because I felt it was too easy of a "surprise," and right now I'm sticking to stuff you might not have heard of or been recommended yet). But when your film has nothing going for it except having a dude from the Brady Bunch in it, you've got some issues.

We gave the movie a shot, and after awhile, gave up. It was simply too stupid to be able to watch. (Aka we got bored making of fun of it).

Do any of you do this? I'd like to hear about some of the BAD movies that others have tried watching, and if they were able to get through them. It can be pretty tough to finish some streams!

Dirty Work: Netflix Surprises

Click to watch here!

If you're in the mood for something silly that doesn't take itself so seriously (seems like a good day after having to listen to election coverage all day yesterday, right?) you're not going to do much better on Netflix Streaming than Dirty Work.

In the movie, Norm McDonald plays a guy named Mitch, who discover their dad needs an emergency medical procedure done. So, in order to make money really quickly, they resort to doing some really, really stupid stuff.

This is a stupid movie. But in a good way.

If you're any sort of fan of Norm McDonald's brand of humor, this movie is perfect for you. It really does feel like the entire plot is based on the sardonic type of humor that Norm likes to do. This was done in his prime, and was one of the first actual DVDs I ever bought! Go ahead and stream the movie off Netflix if you're in the mood to laugh, relax, and take a load off.

Air Force One: Netflix Surprises

Click to stream it here!

In honor of election day (by the way, you better go vote today), I've decided to suggest a movie with some sort of political affiliation. Meaning it has a President as the main character. Whatever.

Air Force One is one of those movies that's so much fun as long as you don't take it incredibly seriously. It's an action-packed thriller, and by the end you're going to really be glad they chose Harrison Ford as the president. It just works.

In all honesty, I got a pretty big "Indiana Jones" vibe from the movie (I wonder why...), but not just because it stars Ford, but because it's one of the films I can recall that has a lot of action that doesn't go absolutely overboard with it.

The movie itself is about a terrorist plot to overtake Air Force One, but there just so happens to be a badass President who doesn't want that to happen. It's a fun ride that I completely recommend if you're an action fan, Harrison Ford fan, or a fan of thrillers or mystery movies. I'm trying to be somewhat vague here because I hate reading "reviews" of movies only to have half the movie spoiled. I try very hard to not be "that guy."

So go add it to your Instant Queue and stream it off Netflix as soon as you get back from the voting booth!

Streaming Netflix on Xbox 360: New Search Function!

One of the most annoying aspects that I've experienced with using the Netflix Instant streaming service on my own Xbox 360 has been the fact that if I don't have a movie already placed in my Instant queue, it's been nearly impossible to find.

Well, all that is a thing of the past, because as of today, Netflix announced that they finally put search functionality within the Xbox Live version of Watch Instant.

Who knows why that took so long, but it sure is nice to see that Netflix and Microsoft have their ears open wide enough to the public to be able to hear when we demand something as small as this! Now, if only Xbox Live didn't cost an arm and a leg to have...

On a side note, a huge thank you goes out to the Hacking Netflix for mentioning us today on their site. We really appreciate it and welcome all our new viewers! We hope you enjoy our Netflix Surprises section, and we love reading your comments! Be sure to let us know if there's anything you'd like to see changed or improved!
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