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A hidden gem I'd like to talk to you about today is a movie called "SLC Punk." I noticed today that it's currently on Netflix streaming, and you should give it a shot.

The film is about a couple of recent college grads, Steve (played by Matthew Lillard) and Heroin Bob (Michael Goorjian), who do basically everything in their power to be different in their little town of Salt Lake City (that's what SLC stands for, see!).

These characters are so into punk rock music that they decide to completely flip their old lifestyles to follow it. this means dressing the part, cutting their hair into Mohawks, and pretty much trying to break every law and social rule they can. As is common knowledge, Salt Lake City isn't the most socially liberal of places in the country, so this makes the two absolutely outcast in their society.

If this was the entire plot line, I doubt it would be very interesting. What made the movie a lot of fun for me to watch was the fact that the main character was an absolute genius. The rhetoric he speaks drives the story, and the narration style completely works. It makes what's going on to be less depressing and more exciting than anything.

It's a fun, thrilling coming of age type of story, and after watching it about five times already before, I'd still be willing to stream it again. I have shown this movie to some people who didn't "get it," before, so that might be a problem for some. In order to full grasp the sarcastic tone and nature of the movie, I think you have to have at least some level of awareness of music culture (or at least of punk), and of sociology. But we're talking super basics here, nothing too complicated.

Overall, I'd recommend you at least give it a shot and add it to your Instant Queue. I know for a fact that many people haven't heard of this movie, and it could be that surprise hidden gem you've been waiting for.

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Anonymous said...

Did you miss the ending?

The movie wasn't only used punk culture to tell a story. The theme running through the movie was that people will end up on where they started. Steve, a bored, unnoticed rich kid decides to import a philosophy that will let him stand out. He doesn't know what he's doing, but it doesn't matter, because people take notice and he is able to build a community for himself. He talks the talk, but still does everything he can to set himself up to succeed in the world he "hates". Bob, on the other hand, comes from nothing, has nothing, and actually embraces the lifestyle, because he has nothing else. It ends up undoing him. And what happens when Bob dies? Steve realizes he's taken his game too far, packs up his bat and ball and goes home.

Moral- Rich kids with huge safety nets of both money and brainpower can do whatever they want until they finally get bored.

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