Netflix Surprises: Serenity

Watch it here!

Following on the coattails of our suggestion to watch the television series Firefly on Watch Instant, we also suggest you take advantage of Netflix's ability to stream the followup-to-the-series movie, Serenity.

As mentioned in the Firefly posting, the show was canceled after one season. This led to a lot of the story being left untold, and resolution to many of the characters' complex background remaining a mystery. This high-budget continuation of the story resurrects the characters for a slight retelling of what's happened up to the start of the show, and resolution to everything else.

Serenity was exactly what any fan of the Firefly television series was hoping for. Fans got to see the actual planned story arch that was planned for subsequent seasons of the show, all bunched into a movie. Weirdly enough, it doesn't feel forced, nor rushed. It feels like a genuine movie, and I would even recommend it to people who haven't watched the show (though you'll likely get more out of it if you did).

Either way, it's a brilliant sci-fi movie (which still has that slightly cheesy charm of the TV show) that I know a lot of people out there would like if they gave it a chance. It's one of the coolest movies you can stream right now, and if you're interested in action whatsoever, this might be the film on Netflix streaming for you!


Tarrant High School Class of 1987 said...

The great thing about America is that we can agree to disagree and still be friendly. Not only is Serenity a horrible movie but Firefly is a terrible TV series. I was disappointed by both as a Sci-Fi nut. But that is why you take opinions then decide if you will watch a movie and decide for yourself. I have a general rule I follow if the "Professional" critics (you know the Siskel and Eberts) hate a movie I am sure to see it.

Taylor said...

What makes you say it was a horrible movie? I can understand the claim that Firefly wasn't that great (you really needed to enjoy the corniness), but Serenity (compared to the vast majority of sci-fi movies out there) was exciting, heartfelt, and tied up loose ends to the series. In that regard, we feel it's great!

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